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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finding just the right accessories means a more comfortable night's rest and often requires an investment in finer quality bedding ranging from higher thread count sheets to a luxury choice in pillows. Zippered pillow protectors have many benefits, beginning with rugged poly/cotton construction that remains soft while providing greater resistance to spotting as well as enhanced stain release in the washing machine. Rustproof zippered closures are designed for heavy wear, and they feature double stitching that stands up to frequent laundering with less fraying at seams. Pillows of any type, ranging from down feathers and faux down filler to memory or standard foam and synthetic polyfill, along with their original casing are easy to insert, and with the proper size selection, there is typically less slippage.

For home use, these are excellent choices for children's and adult bedding as well as for guest spaces. They are also excellent choices for daybeds. Those who suffer from allergies or breathing problems due to dander and dust mite buildup may find some relief with an extra level of fabric protection while short-term illnesses such as colds and flu often require more frequent bedding changes, which protective covers can help simplify. Additionally, most designer pillow cases will slide easily on top to coordinate with sheets, comforters and other decorative pillows. In commercial applications, zippered pillow protectors may also aid in pest resistance, and they will help reduce wear and tear. Breathable, non-abrasive and with a 160 thread count, protectors are light enough to use through the summer months as well.

Making the smart choice in washable covers means fewer worries over preserving the shape and fresh looks of expensive pillows as well as less time spent in the laundry attempting to remove stains. Purchasing in quantity provides backups for middle-of-the-night emergencies and general maintenance both in residential and hospitality environments.

by: Palmetto Linen