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Monday, February 24, 2014

 Today, more and more people are opting to live more green and sustainable lifestyles. They may have recently begun recycling or gardening or have started carrying reusable bags when shopping. Fortunately, living a more eco-friendly lifestyle can also be completed in and around the home. The use of linens and bedding have made homeowners feel better, live cleaner, and improve the environment.


Most people require one or more pillows to sleep at night. While many of the pillows found in local retailers are full of inexpensive fillers that offer allergens and chemicals, Eco-Smart Bed Pillows are a more natural option. The pillows use a polyester fiber that has been created from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. Although this may sound uncomfortable to some people, the recycled bottles have been processed into a soft fiberfill that is comfortable and eco-friendly. 


A quality night's rest will also require luxurious and comforting bed linens. Many duvet inserts, comforters, and blankets feature organic materials that are safe for sensitive skin and made form quality and natural materials. They are soft and suited to anyone who hopes to make less of a carbon imprint on the Earth.

Bed bug Protection

Bed bugs are not new to the world. These unwanted creatures have been around for many generations. However, if a person does have a bed bug infestation, they will have serious trouble eradicating the problem. Fortunately, many people are choosing to control these pesky unwanted guests before they become a problem. There are many mattress covers that offer protection against bed bugs, mold, and mildew issues. These covers are constructed out of natural materials but still offer the ultimate protection for ones skin and the lifespan of the mattress. 

by: Palmetto Linen