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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nonabrasive Fabrics

Having a variety of Santa Barbara Cotton Blankets - Durable Waffle Weave in an assortment of gorgeous colors for guests or patients is essential in the wintertime to keep them warm. Anyone living in a cold environment understands the importance of having warm covers at night to avoid high utility costs from operating a building’s furnace. The specialized waffle weaving technique used to make these quality blankets helps to create a warm, durable and easy to wash fabric that feels comfortable against the skin. A nonabrasive fabric is especially important for patients in medical facilities. Cotton is a natural fabric made from plant based fibers that seldom causes an allergic reaction such as skin rashes or itchiness.

Easy Care

At the same time, these versatile cotton yarn blankets are also great to use in other seasons in places such as hospitals and hotels. To make it easy to order these heavy-duty blankets, the items are offered at low wholesale prices with free shipping and handling throughout the continental United States. Any business or institution on a strict budget will love having these 100 percent combed cotton covers to use for their overnight guests. Due to the cozy blanket’s thickness, the tightly woven material lasts for many years instead of requiring expensive replacements each season. In addition to only needing fast machine washing and drying, the warm, durable and soft yarns resist thread pulls and snags.

Different Sizes

Ordering a large quantity of Santa Barbara Cotton Blankets - Durable Waffle Weave is easy because the covers are sold in multiple units in different mattress sizes. Customers can choose between king, twin or combination full/queen-sizes of blankets in different colors that complement a room’s decor. Each case is available in one color including light gray, golden wheat, ivory and white. The king and combination full/queen-sizes are sold in a case of four blankets. Alternatively, the twin-size is sold in a case of six blankets. Ordering by the case makes it easier for institutions and businesses to quickly order new linens for their guests and patients. 

by: Palmetto Linen