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Monday, February 17, 2014

The most important things to consider when outfitting bedrooms for temporary housing or hospitality are the quality and type of bedding that will be used as well as the availability and cost of this bedding. There are many different available options in terms of fabric, color, and style, and the amount of choices out there can be daunting. One particular area of bedding should not be overlooked: wholesale microfiber coverlet sets, coverlets, & bedding accessories.

First of all, choosing wholesale supply allows for the purchase of items in bulk at discounted prices compared to other retail choices. This will always allow for an appropriate amount of stock to be maintained so that the bedding can be rotated appropriately and helps provide a clean, hygienic environment. These are perfect for hospitality and any type of temporary living situations. Microfiber fabric has a distinct advantage over cotton and other cotton blends as it provides a softer feel than traditional fabrics as well as quicker drying times. This means that when it does come time to do laundry, these wholesale microfiber coverlet sets, coverlets, & bedding accessories will dry more rapidly and be ready to go sooner than the other cotton-based fabrics. This will cut down on turnover time and improve overall productivity.

These sets are created with a durable, quilted pattern that provides a chic, modern look. They are available in multiple different colors to fit any type of room decor, and the durable quilted pattern ensures that they will hold up under heavy usage. With different bed size options, as well as the choice of sham and square or bolster accent pillow covers, these sets will fit the eye of anyone looking to add new touches to their style. The accessories available in these type of sets includes bed skirts and bed scarves to spruce up any type of frame.

These are high quality products at a great price!

by: Palmetto Linen