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Sunday, March 30, 2014

You can order Wholesale Shower Curtains online. They come in bulk and fit most showers and bathtubs. Several different styles and types are available. The EZ-ON No Hook Fabric Shower Curtains are popular and very easy to install. Details about some of the curtains are below.

•The EZ On fabric shower curtain comes with built-in shower rings which snap on to the shower curtain. It is water repellent so, no shower curtain liner is needed.

•The unique window shower curtain lets light into your dark shower area, but maintains privacy because the lower part is not clear. It is made of 10 gauge vinyl and treated with a high quality anti-mildew substance. The curtain holes are made of durable metal grommets.

•The Sonoma Natural is one of the top selling Wholesale Shower Curtains. The fabric is water repellant and you can use it with or without a shower liner. The material is 100% polyester that is machine washable and fade resistant. The color of this style is earth tone and white. It goes well with beige or white towels.

•The Light Weight Waffle Shower Curtains is very attractive. It is made of polyester that is machine washable. You can choose from 7 colors including: Tan, Ivory, Brown, White, Black, Sage and Blue. You can select a variety of bathroom décor to go with the color you prefer.

•The Stall Window Shower curtain is clear on the top only. It is made with a Premium Anti Mildew Treatment to help prevent mildew. This style allows light into your dark shower area while maintaining privacy.

You can buy curtains ranging from standard size and stall sizes to extra-long or extra-wide sizes. The Stall Size shower curtains come in either see through window style or window-less styles. Place your order online and get free shipping. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bed skirts may not be the first item that comes to mind when redecorating a bedroom, but they are one of the quickest and simplest ways to dress up a bed. Using a wrap around bed skirt makes the process even easier.

Designed to hide a bed's box spring or foundation, bed skirts drape from the bottom of the mattress to the floor. They give a bed a more polished look and allow the area under the bed to be used for storage. But bed skirts aren't universal. Look, size and construction all need to be considered when purchasing a bed skirt.

Bed skirts are a way to introduce a style, pattern or color into a bedroom. Available in styles ranging from starkly simple to elegantly ornate, some lay flat while others are tailored into neat pleats or gathered into ruffles. Since they come in an almost infinite array of colors and fabrics, bed skirts offer an opportunity to incorporate colors, patterns and textures that either compliment or provide a striking contrast to other bedding elements.

Because there are often small variations in size, measuring both the box spring and the drop, or height from the top of the box spring to the floor, of the bed being outfitted is a necessity. These numbers make it possible to select a bed skirt with the correct dimensions.

Traditional bed skirts are a single piece of nearly rectangular fabric. Putting them in place requires lifting the mattress so that the bed skirt can be laid out over the box spring and adjusted until it was draped equally around the bed. Because of the difficulty inherent in moving a heavy mattress, many people prefer wrap around bed skirts. Held in place with a sturdy elastic band, these fit around a box spring much like a skirt fits around a woman's waist. This makes them significantly easier to install and remove for any cleaning or maintenance.

Although often seen as an afterthought, bed skirts make it easy to quickly give a bed a neat, polished look that suits the chosen style of the bedroom. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Environmentally friendly, healthy and supremely comfortable, ClearFresh Eco-Smart Bed Pillows make it extremely easy for anyone to enjoy the myriad benefits of a good night's sleep.

Designed to appeal to those people who want green, environmentally conscious products, Eco-Smart linens are precisely crafted using a polyester fiber that is made from nothing but ingenuity and recycled plastic PET bottles. Once this fiber has been processed into a high quality fiber fill, it makes an ideal replacement for the traditional polyester fill that is often used in pillows, comforters and so many other types of textiles. Each pound of fiber fill requires approximately ten plastic bottles. This means that every Eco-Smart down alternative bed pillow recycles about fourteen plastic bottles, keeping them out of the landfills.

As clean as they are green, these down alternative pillows are perfect for people who struggle with allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments. Their cotton covers are treated with ClearFresh antimicrobial, a non toxic, USDA accepted chemical compound that provides these pillows with permanent protection against the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, yeast algae and other problematic microbes. In addition, these pillows are actually machine washable. Stuffed using the very latest in pillow technology, Eco-Smart pillows have been proven to maintain both their shape and their loft, or thickness, for more than fifty washing cycles.

Available in standard, queen and king sizes, these down alternative pillows are fluffy, supportive and truly comfortable. And they are designed to stay that way, even after repeated laundering. Washing and drying a durable Eco-Smart pillow refreshes the special fiber fill inside, revitalizing the pillow and making it feel as if it is brand new again.

Whether a consumer's priority is buying green, choosing a healthy product or simply laying his head on a comfortable pillow, the ClearFresh Eco-Smart Bed Pillow is a perfect choice.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nothing looks more enticing than stepping into a room decked with sparkling white sheets. Whether it is a hotel, motel, hospital or treatment clinic, it is a welcoming sight to behold. One positive thing about clean white sheets is that they reveal dirt easily. Therefore, when checking into one of these hospitality or institutional facilities, a person can spot right away what type of environment he or she is stepping into. If only for this reason, operators of establishments should invest in the best bed coverings to accommodate guests and patients.

One of the greatest investments businesses in the hospitality or institutional industry can make is to spend wisely. This frees up money to be able to better service their guests and patients in other areas. Bulk purchasing is a highly-recommended method for this purpose. Investing in wholesale white bed sheets is a great way to save money. It will afford establishments the opportunity to experience cost-effectiveness without sacrificing their customers' comfort and convenience.

Versatility is important when it comes to offering diverse services. Hence, when purchasing sheets in bulk, they need to have options. Since it is customary for flat and fitted sheets to go together, this combination should be available. This gives the convenience of bulk cleaning without the worry of matching them together following laundry time.

Variety is another aspect of purchasing wholesale white bed sheets. Microfiber and rich cotton material are great options. They are comfortable for sleeping, and users will realize this benefit. Also, if the sheets are wrinkle resistant, it broadens the purchasing option. It is another asset to doing the laundry because little or no ironing is involved. Since sheets selection may depend upon where it is used, making the right choice is crucial.

Organizations that cater to clients, customers and patients they really care about want the very best for them. Since sleeping in comfort is important, so is the quality and presentation of their bed linen. It is, therefore, crucial that they invest in the best. In addition to catering to satisfied guests, they will also experience savings in their budget.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moving to a new house or remodeling your bathroom might require a few accessories. One of these accessories is shower hooks and rings to go along with the shower curtain. These are plastic shaped hooks that slide right through the bathroom curtain’s tiny eyelet as well as the shower rod.

Most people never stop to think about the gliding action of their shower hooks and rings. Most people simply purchase the plastic shower rings because they are cheaper and because they won’t glide freely on the shower rod because they impart some friction. But, since everyone has the power to slide the curtain open, this isn’t really a problem. Nevertheless, the shower rings and rod can become damaged quickly due to the friction not lasting for years.

The condition of the shower rings and hooks is also something to consider. It’s a fact that the colors on plastic wrings fade over time, and even the metallic hooks and rings, if they're not stainless, will corrode and rust requiring you to change them. Don’t forget about that annoying little join in the center of your shower rod.

We all have experienced times wherein after taking a shower you drag the shower curtain across to open or shut it and the rings hit the join in the rod changing its thickness and making the curtain snag. This is a common occurrence that we might encounter every morning; however, finding ways to resolve this is left undone. This is because most shower rings on the market today do this, and we just accept it. However, over time this will wear the rings down and potentially rip the curtain.

Now, there is a new type of ring for your shower curtains to resolve this problem. These curtain rings are made from stainless steel or chrome and are rust-free. The good thing about these rings is that since they are metallic, they can glide easily along the curtain rod. This eliminates the issue of snagging the curtain and prevents deterioration of hooks and curtains both. The rings are chrome (or similarly) coated and polished so that they appear shiny at all times. They can be set up quickly without any hassle at all.

If you’re one of those people revamping your bathroom and want to eliminate snags, try using the stainless steel or chrome shower rings and hooks. They look great and outlast the competition.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Comforter sets are a great option to decorate your bedrooms, guest rooms, or hotel rooms without going over your budget. A microfiber comforter set is low maintenance and easy to care for. A comforter set with bonded polyester fill will prevent the batting from clumping or shifting when cleaned. A wholesale comforter set that is oversize will fit any sized mattress, even those with a pillow top. Consider buying your comforter sets wholesale to purchase a higher quality product at bulk discount prices.

Many wholesale comforter sets are sold in either four piece sets or seven piece sets. A four piece set includes the comforter, bed skirt, and two pillow shams (with the exception of the twin size set, which only includes one pillow sham). A case of two four-piece sets can have a price range between $108.00 and $158.00. A seven piece set also includes three accent pillows and can range from $178.00 to $188.00. The additional accent pillows can really tie the look together and give the room an even more luxurious look.

Buying wholesale comforter sets is a perfect option for a buyer in the hospitality industry. Buying your comforter sets in wholesale quantities not only saves you money, but can also give your rooms a cohesive and corresponding look. You can purchase comforters sets in many different colors or patterns to match the décor in your home, hotel, or bed and breakfast. Microfiber comforters with bonded polyester fill are easy to launder, and yet still maintain their look and feel of high luxury. Furthermore, you should look for a wholesale seller who can provide free or discounted shipping if you plan to purchase comforter sets in large quantities. In addition, buying comforter sets in wholesale cases is a great way to get high quality linens at a reduced price.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, March 17, 2014

If you're looking for a combination of style and classic comfort for the bedrooms of any type of temporary housing, then you might want to look into wholesale microfiber coverlet sets & bedding accessories. The coverlets, for example, not only are attractive and free of wrinkles, they're extremely low-maintenance too, requiring only standard machine washing and drying. They're also delightfully lightweight, rather than heavy and overly thick.

These bedding products adorn the tops of beds, giving them cozy, neat and quilted appearances. The sets appear in four distinct colors, which are white, moss green, chocolate and camel. True to their name, the adornments are made out of 120GSM microfiber, which is a highly durable fabric. The fabric is noteworthy not only for its strength, but also for its impressive softness. It also dries much more rapidly than cotton blends and cotton.

Bedding size isn't a concern for those interested in these handy and practical products, either. Whether you're looking for accessories for twin or queen beds, these bedding items can work for you. The exciting options don't stop at covers for beds. Other dazzling accessories available from the line are accent pillows, pillow shams and bed skirts, all in flattering and subtle colors that can work well with the interiors of many hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Conveniently enough, these additional accessories match the look of the available bed covers, as well. These covers and accessories generally come in packs of six items, whether pillows or twin sets. The pillow shams, however, come in packages of 12 in total.

Quality and price advantage are the reasons that you should buy online wholesale. Free shipping? That should seal the deal!

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, March 14, 2014

Finding the right washable rugs for the key rooms of your house is an important consideration of any remodeling or decor upgrading project. The right rug in your kitchen entry way, bathroom or other strategic location can be a great way to make positive changes in your home living environment.


In addition to home decorating, bath and kitchen rugs also play a role in home safety. That is especially true of washable rugs for the bathroom, where floors are sometimes slippery after a bath or shower. Microfiber rugs dry quickly and also serve a hygienic purpose by making sure that bacteria that can cause conditions like athlete's feet do not thrive. In a kitchen, where people are always going in and out, a washable rug with a non-skid latex backing helps to ensure safe passage for all family members.


When it comes to appearances, there is endless versatility in the choices of rugs available. That means you can always find a color or style to match any kitchen, bathroom or other part of the house where a washable rug makes sense. These are durable rugs whose colors don't fade even after repeated washings. They also come in more than one size to further ensure their suitability for any home setting.


Unlike other rugs, washable, fast drying floor rugs can be thrown in the washing machine or shaken clean outside with minimal inconvenience. Since they are reasonably priced, they can be completely changed from time to time to refresh a room's appearance without major expense. Maintaining washable rugs is not a major chore, which means you can keep them at their best appearance without a lot of time or effort.

Rugs for the bathroom, kitchen and entry way at wholesale prices can be found at various locations. That means you don't have to spend a lot of money for rugs offering safety, convenience and versatility for your bathroom, kitchen entryway or other location. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When shopping for new linens, consider purchasing Wholesale Kitchen Linens. Wholesale shopping provides the customer with an easy and affordable shopping solution. Many wholesale customers purchase kitchen linens for use in the hospitality industry, whether in hotels or restaurants. They appreciate the fact that they can choose from a variety of high quality, top of the line products that will meet their business' needs.

Kitchen linens that are used in a busy restaurant or hotel that is always booked. These products need to be durable, absorbent and soft. They must provide employees or guests with superb absorbency and be soft to the touch. They also must perform well, as they will be the work horses of the kitchen and must be able to withstand constant use, washing and drying.

Both kitchen and hospitality employees recognize that difference that a high quality linen can make in their work. They are able to perform their job to a higher standard when they are given the proper tools to work with. Quality kitchen linens allow them to do their jobs with pride and with an outstanding end result.

The varieties of kitchen linens that are available for bulk purchase are kitchen towels, dishcloths, pot holders, and oven mitts. The best Wholesale Kitchen Linens are made with 100% cotton yarn that is both soft and durable. It is important to purchase the best quality linens available to ensure their longevity. Choosing high quality kitchen linens will ultimately be a cost effective decision because they will not need to be replaced as often as lower quality linens will.

Ordering wholesale linens is also a very time effective choice. Instead of ordering kitchen linens in small amounts, paying to have them shipped and then waiting for the order to arrive multiple times throughout the year, business managers can purchase all of their linen needs for the year at once. Wholesale linen ordering saves time, saves money, and provides businesses with a high quality product.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, March 10, 2014

It is very important for a person to get a good night sleep to prepare themselves for their upcoming day. Besides having a comfortable mattress, it is very important for a person to have a comfortable blanket over them while they are sleeping. The blanket that they use can be the difference between a good night sleep and a night of not so pleasant sleep.

Knowing where to get a comfortable blanket at a bargain price is valuable information. Blankets are an item that a person has to continually purchase throughout the years. There is no such thing as buying a blanket one time and using it for the rest of your life. Whether an individual wants blankets for their family or a business is looking for wholesale blankets to resell to their customers, there are great bargains out there if a person does their research.

The key to getting great discounts on blankets is to buy them in bulk. This means that a person will have to buy them in quantity. Every wholesale company has a minimum purchase amount that their customers must buy. Some companies will have a very small minimum purchase. They may require their customers to buy only one case of wholesale blankets. This will not be expensive as a case may only have four to six blankets.

There will be many different kinds of blankets for a customer to choose from. They will have both light weight and heavy weight cotton blankets. The light weight blankets are perfect for any time of the year as they are light and very soft. The heavy cotton blankets are perfect for the colder seasons and will keep a person warm and cozy. Both the light and heavy cotton blankets come in a variety of colors to choose from.

They will also have many different styles of fleece blankets. Both polar fleece blankets and micro fleece blankets are a popular choice for those that are looking for the perfect blankets. Many owners of these blankets love the fact that they are machine washable and last a very long time.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Those in hospitality and institutional industries can benefit greatly from opting to purchase wholesale white bed linens. From hospital beds and hotel beds to massage tables at the spa, white linens give these beds and more a clean and fresh look all at an affordable price. Purchasing in wholesale quantities enables you buy the exact amount of bed linens that you need at everyday discount prices. Additional discounts may be available for larger quantity purchases. Wholesale white bed sheets with free shipping are sure to meet all of your needs at a price that you can really afford.

Types of Wholesale Bed Linens
When purchasing linens for facilities that house a number of different beds, saving money on your purchase is a priority. When you opt to buy wholesale white bed sheets with free shipping, you are not only saving on your purchase, but you will also receive quality and comfortable bed linens for all size beds. In addition to white flat sheets, other linens such as fitted sheets, microfiber pillow cases, cotton pillow cases, super soft sheets and color sheets are also available to purchase in wholesale quantities.

Purchasing in Bulk
When you buy wholesale bed linens, you are purchasing in bulk. Fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases and more come in many different quantities to meet all of your needs. For example, sheets may come in a case of 24 while pillow cases are available in quantities of 48. Whether you're looking for two dozen sheets and pillow cases or six dozen sheets and pillow cases, you'll find it all available for purchase when you choose to shop wholesale.

Free shipping is available on your wholesale white bed sheets purchase. Not only will you be saving on your hospitality sheets, but you will also save on shipping when taking advantage of this great offer. Free shipping is available in the Continental United States. In addition to wholesale bed linens, you may also find great wholesale deals and pricing on bath linens, kitchen linens and more. Shopping for linens in bulk has never been easier.

by: Palmetto Linen