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Friday, March 28, 2014

Bed skirts may not be the first item that comes to mind when redecorating a bedroom, but they are one of the quickest and simplest ways to dress up a bed. Using a wrap around bed skirt makes the process even easier.

Designed to hide a bed's box spring or foundation, bed skirts drape from the bottom of the mattress to the floor. They give a bed a more polished look and allow the area under the bed to be used for storage. But bed skirts aren't universal. Look, size and construction all need to be considered when purchasing a bed skirt.

Bed skirts are a way to introduce a style, pattern or color into a bedroom. Available in styles ranging from starkly simple to elegantly ornate, some lay flat while others are tailored into neat pleats or gathered into ruffles. Since they come in an almost infinite array of colors and fabrics, bed skirts offer an opportunity to incorporate colors, patterns and textures that either compliment or provide a striking contrast to other bedding elements.

Because there are often small variations in size, measuring both the box spring and the drop, or height from the top of the box spring to the floor, of the bed being outfitted is a necessity. These numbers make it possible to select a bed skirt with the correct dimensions.

Traditional bed skirts are a single piece of nearly rectangular fabric. Putting them in place requires lifting the mattress so that the bed skirt can be laid out over the box spring and adjusted until it was draped equally around the bed. Because of the difficulty inherent in moving a heavy mattress, many people prefer wrap around bed skirts. Held in place with a sturdy elastic band, these fit around a box spring much like a skirt fits around a woman's waist. This makes them significantly easier to install and remove for any cleaning or maintenance.

Although often seen as an afterthought, bed skirts make it easy to quickly give a bed a neat, polished look that suits the chosen style of the bedroom. 

by: Palmetto Linen