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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moving to a new house or remodeling your bathroom might require a few accessories. One of these accessories is shower hooks and rings to go along with the shower curtain. These are plastic shaped hooks that slide right through the bathroom curtain’s tiny eyelet as well as the shower rod.

Most people never stop to think about the gliding action of their shower hooks and rings. Most people simply purchase the plastic shower rings because they are cheaper and because they won’t glide freely on the shower rod because they impart some friction. But, since everyone has the power to slide the curtain open, this isn’t really a problem. Nevertheless, the shower rings and rod can become damaged quickly due to the friction not lasting for years.

The condition of the shower rings and hooks is also something to consider. It’s a fact that the colors on plastic wrings fade over time, and even the metallic hooks and rings, if they're not stainless, will corrode and rust requiring you to change them. Don’t forget about that annoying little join in the center of your shower rod.

We all have experienced times wherein after taking a shower you drag the shower curtain across to open or shut it and the rings hit the join in the rod changing its thickness and making the curtain snag. This is a common occurrence that we might encounter every morning; however, finding ways to resolve this is left undone. This is because most shower rings on the market today do this, and we just accept it. However, over time this will wear the rings down and potentially rip the curtain.

Now, there is a new type of ring for your shower curtains to resolve this problem. These curtain rings are made from stainless steel or chrome and are rust-free. The good thing about these rings is that since they are metallic, they can glide easily along the curtain rod. This eliminates the issue of snagging the curtain and prevents deterioration of hooks and curtains both. The rings are chrome (or similarly) coated and polished so that they appear shiny at all times. They can be set up quickly without any hassle at all.

If you’re one of those people revamping your bathroom and want to eliminate snags, try using the stainless steel or chrome shower rings and hooks. They look great and outlast the competition.

by: Palmetto Linen