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Sunday, March 30, 2014

You can order Wholesale Shower Curtains online. They come in bulk and fit most showers and bathtubs. Several different styles and types are available. The EZ-ON No Hook Fabric Shower Curtains are popular and very easy to install. Details about some of the curtains are below.

•The EZ On fabric shower curtain comes with built-in shower rings which snap on to the shower curtain. It is water repellent so, no shower curtain liner is needed.

•The unique window shower curtain lets light into your dark shower area, but maintains privacy because the lower part is not clear. It is made of 10 gauge vinyl and treated with a high quality anti-mildew substance. The curtain holes are made of durable metal grommets.

•The Sonoma Natural is one of the top selling Wholesale Shower Curtains. The fabric is water repellant and you can use it with or without a shower liner. The material is 100% polyester that is machine washable and fade resistant. The color of this style is earth tone and white. It goes well with beige or white towels.

•The Light Weight Waffle Shower Curtains is very attractive. It is made of polyester that is machine washable. You can choose from 7 colors including: Tan, Ivory, Brown, White, Black, Sage and Blue. You can select a variety of bathroom décor to go with the color you prefer.

•The Stall Window Shower curtain is clear on the top only. It is made with a Premium Anti Mildew Treatment to help prevent mildew. This style allows light into your dark shower area while maintaining privacy.

You can buy curtains ranging from standard size and stall sizes to extra-long or extra-wide sizes. The Stall Size shower curtains come in either see through window style or window-less styles. Place your order online and get free shipping. 

by: Palmetto Linen