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Friday, April 25, 2014

Whether you are the owner of a small inn, or employed as a housekeeper for a five star luxury hotel, wholesale white bed sheets and pillow cases are probably a major area of concern for you.

Guests will judge their stay on any number of things; it could be the way the server treated them at dinner, how they were greeted by the front desk manager, or even the layout of the parking lot… you can never be sure on how they will perceive, and thus judge, your property (which can have an effect on future business). However, one thing is a positive: each guest will definitely judge their stay on the quality of bedding they encounter. Second only to the bath towels, the bed sheets and pillow cases will make intimate contact with them.

Not only do you want to make sure that the bedding is clean and provides a good (welcoming) appearance for your guests, you need to instill confidence in those who are staying at your property, assuring them that their stay is (hygienically) safe. One challenge to achieving this is the wear and tear your wholesale white bed sheets and pillow cases are exposed to simply by the continuous laundering. The constant washing and drying of some wholesale sheets and pillow cases can result in the premature breakdown of the cloth, which can provide the false appearance of a poorly kept property.

Additionally, because constant laundering is a requirement, when considering the purchase decision for wholesale bedding, it is important to research the material, how the bedding is produced, the longevity of the cloth, etc. These factors can help you reconcile the amount of usage of bedding with the amount of required cleaning. If you operate a small inn with few guests, you may have the luxury of budgeting on your bedding expenses. Or, if you are responsible for the housekeeping of a larger (busier) property, you may have to forgo low cost bedding for that of a better quality (which will endure heavy amounts of washing and drying).

Bedding is one of those things that all guests will use to judge their stay. Whole sale sheets and pillow cases, while seemingly a mundane purchase, is actually one of the most important considerations you can make.

by: Palmetto Linen