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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blankets are an integral part of any hotel. Every bed needs quality blankets to keep guests happy. One of the most effective ways to purchase and replace blankets is through a wholesale distributor. There are several reasons why hotel owners should be purchasing blankets wholesale.

Always Have Blankets for Guests

The reality is that every guest staying in a hotel is going to come into contact with blankets. Blankets are used for hours every night. This means they could wear down faster than other linens. They are also vulnerable to staining from food, dirty clothes and luggage. Buying blankets wholesale allows hotel owners to keep a large supply on hand. This means there will always be extra blankets available if one is damage or lost. It also means there will be inventory available if a guest requests extra blankets.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Some hotel owners purchase blankets individually for each bed. This is not cost-effective over time. Individual blankets can quickly become a major part of overhead for the establishment. One of the main benefits of wholesale blankets is that they come with bulk discounts. Purchasing groups of blankets for multiple rooms or general inventory will reduce overhead costs.

Styles Are Available For Every Decor

There are people who think that any wholesale linens are available in only one basic color. This is no longer true. There are now a wide range of colors and textures available when choosing blankets to purchase in wholesale amounts. There are blankets in earth tones, shades of white and gentle pastels. Some even come with shiny satin borders that add elegance to a room. There are now blankets to match every decor from rustic country inns to cosmopolitan hotels.

Stock Blankets for Every Season

Something that will provide a better experience for guests is matching the blankets of a bed to the season. Keeping the same blankets on a bed throughout the year could leave guests uncomfortable during certain seasons. Choosing wholesale blankets allows hotel owners to stock different blankets for different weather conditions. There are lightweight Egyptian cotton blankets for summer and warm fleece blankets for winter. Having the right blankets will make any stay more enjoyable for guests.

by: Palmetto Linen