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Saturday, May 31, 2014
Hand towels are an important component in any home. But not all hand towels that you find are comparable to the high quality softness and usability of our wholesale hand towels. Our wholesale hand towels are made from 100% ring spun cotton and measure 16" wide x 30" long. Aside from the unbelievable softness of the quality cotton that we use, these towels feature a lovely border that makes them the perfect decorative element to any bathroom or kitchen.

If you aren't looking to use them as decoration, they are also a prime choice for practical use. Either in your main bathroom, guest bathroom, or kitchen, they do their duty well. As these towels come as a wholesale product, you do not need to limit them to your home. They also make a wonderful stand-alone gift or a great addition to any gift basket that is geared towards the home for friends and family. These particular bath towels come in an elegant standard white, which means that they'll look appealing anywhere that they are placed because white is a color that is suitable everywhere.

As a wholesale shipping source, apart from this lovely white hand towel, we also provide dozens of other quality products for your bed, bath, and kitchen. Our products ship to both the public and private sector. When ordering these hand towels or many of our other linen products, you can put in small requests or large orders and you can also expect your delivery to arrive in a timely manner. This option is extremely convenient, as it allows you to purchase a product that you can be sure is constantly available. If you would like more information about these hand towels or our many other linen products, then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wholesale table linens can be the perfect solution for your business. If you own a gourmet restaurant, then you will want to adorn it with a fabulous collection of table linens. Your goal is to give all of your customers the feel of luxury. A company that can provide you with wholesale table items can save your business quite a bit of money by offering you a discounted price. Palmetto Linen Distributer
s is such a company. Palmetto specializes in wholesale linens for every purpose and occasion. You can benefit from this company’s offerings whether you own a restaurant, furniture store or furniture rental company.

Why Buy Wholesale Table Products?

Buying individual table linens can cost a fortune. By using a wholesale linen provider, you are cutting the costs significantly. Additionally, you can enjoy free shipping for any wholesale orders. You will never have to waste time searching for what you need when you deal with a wholesaler. You can browse the inventory today and choose from a wide selection of desirable linens.

Other Products

Palmetto Linen Distributors is so much more than your average linen company is. You can suit your needs in several rooms by browsing Palmetto’s inventory. You can find kitchen items such as pots, pans, can openers and kitchen linens. You can look through gorgeous lines of towels, shower curtains, rugs and other bathroom accessories. You can find special bedroom accessories like bed covers, sheets, pillowcases and comforters. Therefore, you can stock your store quickly with everything that you need for your customers. Hundreds of items are being added to the inventory every day, so you will always have a large amount of choices.

Your wholesale table linens are waiting for you to order them today. You can place an order online, or you can speak with a friendly representative about your needs. Someone will explain the process and ensure that the company meets your linen fulfillment. The number is 803-279-7300.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
With environmental awareness on the rise in our culture, there are a growing number of products available for those who wish to lessen their impact on the environment. What once was a very limited selection in the marketplace is continuously broadening to allow consumers to choose more responsible goods. From recycled paper towels to hybrid vehicles, eco-friendly products are around every corner.

One such product, perhaps not as well known, is ClearFresh Eco-Smart Bed Pillows. What sets these pillows apart is the fiberfill they contain. Unlike traditional fiberfill found in the majority of bed pillows, Eco-Smart is different. It is a polyester fiber that is made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. This means no new materials are needed to produce the filling, making it very eco-friendly. The bottles are recycled and produced into an extremely high quality fiberfill, which is not only used in pillows, but is versatile enough to be used in different formats within other polyester filled products.

What does this actually mean in terms of its impact on the environment? What are some real numbers? Approximately one pound of fiberfill is produced from the recycling of 10 plastic bottles. Given the amount of filling in each, this equates to 14 plastic bottles per pillow. That's 14 plastic bottles that won't end up in a landfill, not to mention the new materials that are saved as well.

If all that is not enough, these pillows have a very practical side that makes them even more desirable. On top of their eco-friendly features, they are also completely washable. Unlike traditionally filled pillows, which may become misshapen or worn out, washing and drying an Eco-Smart pillow actually revitalizes the filling for a like-new feel.

If you're looking for an environmentally conscious product that is also practical in nature, ClearFresh Eco-Smart Bed Pillows will give you both. The responsible product you want combined with the practicality you need make it a smart choice for consumers.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, May 25, 2014
For those individuals who are looking to make the bathrooms in their homes appear nicer, check out this article. Individual, couple, and family home owners should use the following tips and tricks to make sure that their bathrooms are a comfortable and luxurious place to go and pamper themselves. Read on to learn more about this topic.

First of all, make sure that the bathtub and shower is sufficiently comfortable. This may sometimes mean getting a professional plumber to come in and see that every element of this area is in great working order. From time to time, home owners may need a plumber in the home to check on the plumbing of the bathtub and shower.

The sink in the bathroom should also be checked by a professional plumber. In addition, make sure to include only hotel quality shower liners in the shower area, plus a hotel quality shower curtain made of good fabric. This is because other types of shower liners and shower curtains that may be cheaper to buy in a home goods store, department store, or online will not be of good quality. Hotel quality shower liners and hotel quality shower curtains are always a great purchase.

Besides making sure to have good quality liners and curtains in the shower and good working plumbing, another way to make sure that a home's bathroom is comfortable and full of luxury is to make sure that the towels there are warm and fuzzy. Some towels are limp and thin, and they do not even do a good job of drying someone off. The towels that need to be purchased for a given home bathroom are large bath towels to dry off after a shower or bath, hand towels to dry hands and/or the face near the sink area of the bathroom, and of course, washcloths.

Make sure to also purchase a set of guest towels (bath guest towels, hand guest towels, and hand washcloths) for when friends or family come to stay. Follow all of the tips and tricks found in this article, and any home bathroom will be luxurious and super comfy.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, May 23, 2014
In the last few years, bed bug infestations have returned in great numbers. Bed bugs are insects whose primary source of food is human blood, which means that they will try to stay close to their source of food, you. Bed bugs prefer humans that are sleeping, as this makes it easier for them to get their meal without you noticing. In an infested home, it is estimated that close to 90 percent of all bed bugs will be found in a 15 feet radius of the bed.

Bed bug infestations are serious problems for many people, as these pests are quite difficult to get rid of. When they infest a mattress, getting rid of them is very hard due to their very small size and ability to hide in tiny crevices inside the mattress. But there are solutions available. The first thing to do would be to hire a pest control professional to apply a treatment that would get rid of most of the bed bugs. Then, you should encase your bed by using bed bug proof mattress covers. These covers are tightly woven and keep potential bed bug infestations under control.

If bed bugs are already present in your bed, then bed bug proof mattress covers will prevent them from escaping to get to their food source. Eventually, the bed bugs will simply starve to death. Any bed bugs that are lurking outside of the cover will not be able to get inside the mattress, which prevents them from breeding and setting up a colony there. Bed bug mattress covers are available in different sizes, which make them suitable for use on any size of bed. If you have multiple beds at home, you can buy them in packs that contain several cases.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An abundance of wet, dirty carpet is not a desirable condition for a home. Moisture trapped in the carpet can feel unpleasant to walk on, be visually unappealing and attract dirt that then gets trapped in the carpet fibers. It can even start to smell. Many homeowners attack the soiled carpet problem by cleaning it with a steam cleaner or by another method. Although this often returns the carpet to acceptable condition, it is not feasible to go through the process of cleaning and drying a carpet often. It is a lot of effort to scrub carpets, and the results of all that effort can hardly seem worth it if it doesn’t last long.

Fortunately, dirty carpets can often be avoided in the first place. The most effective way for most homeowners to keep their carpets cleaner is by using rugs to collect water and dirt instead. It may sound like trading one problem for another, but the problem of soiled rugs can be easier to solve than the elaborate scrubbing a full carpet can require.

Keeping a fresh, clean environment in the home is important for its residents’ enjoyment. By selecting washable rugs for the bathroom, kitchen and entry way, homeowners can ensure that it is easy for everyone to do their part in keeping the house tidy. Simply wiping feet when entering the home, standing on a rug when washing the dishes in the kitchen, or stepping out of the shower onto a bathroom rug can help keep floors dry and catch dirt and debris so that the carpet remains pristine.

Many styles of bathroom, kitchen and entry way rugs that can be washed in a washing machine are available for the enjoyment of homeowners and visitors. The range of styles allows homeowners to select the rugs that best complement their space and style. The washable nature of these rugs helps homeowners get plenty of use out of these rugs for the practical purpose of keeping a clean and pleasant household. Choosing more than one rug can mean offering ample opportunities for people to wipe their feet and watch their step.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Microfibers are very thin pieces of synthetic thread. Each fiber can be one-hundredth the width of a normal human hair. These threads are used to create a range of microfiber materials that have unique properties. Flat sheets are one of the items that can be made from microfibers. Microfiber hotel flat sheets have a number of benefits that make them a good choice for any establishment.

Better Comfort for Guests

The incredibly fine threads in the microfiber sheets make them very soft and comfortable. The sheets are even somewhat elastic so that they can conform to the body. Guests will enjoy the added softness while sleeping. The sheets have the added ability to wick away moisture during the night. This means guests will remain comfortable during the hottest times of the year due to the microfiber flat sheets. Comfortable sheets are a part of a positive guest experience.

Resistant To Wrinkling

A serious problem with hotel sheets is wrinkling. Sheets that wrinkle in the washer and dryer require extra steps later in order to create a flat and attractive appearance. Wrinkling can also wear down a sheet so that it becomes less comfortable and less attractive over time. Microfiber flat sheets resist wrinkling. The sheets can come out of a dryer ready to use without requiring ironing or pressing.

Shorter Drying Times

It takes roughly one-third less time to dry microfiber hotel flat sheets than other types of materials like cotton. This is because the small fibers naturally release water fast. Switching to microfiber flat sheets can reduce the amount of energy that is used just to dry bedding in the hotel. This also allows for a faster turnaround during busy periods.


Microfiber flat sheets are far more durable than most other options. The tight weave of the microfibers increases the overall strength of the sheet. The sheet is harder to rip and tear. It will not fray or come apart easily like some natural fibers. It can withstand rough washing and drying cycles every day. This durability means that microfiber flat sheets are an investment that will pay off over time.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bed bugs are a major problem that should concern every hotel owner. A single guest could bring a bed bug into the hotel and start an infestation that takes weeks to eliminate. Fortunately, there are mattress covers available that can stop bed bugs before they establish a nest. The covers have a tight seal to create a physical barrier. Using these bed bug proof mattress covers has several advantages.

Prevent Infestations

The largest benefit is that the covers will prevent bed bugs from infesting mattresses. Bed bugs can wait in luggage, on clothes or inside a towel for months at a time. They come out at night to feed. The mattress cover will prevent the bed bugs from finding a way into the mattress to hide and establish a colony. The covers also help to stop bed bug eggs. Washing the cover in hot water will kill any eggs left on the surface.

Reassure Guests

Guests are very aware of the bed bug problem that is haunting some hotels. This is causing guests to be more cautious than ever when choosing a hotel and examining a room. Using bed bug proof mattress covers allows the hotel to reassure guests that the pests are not a problem. This can allow guests to enjoy the stay without thinking about bed bugs. It could even increase bookings if the covers are part of advertising.

Mitigate Existing Problems

The bed bug covers do more than just stop the pests from entering the mattress. They also seal in any bed bugs or eggs already inside of the mattress. This can help to prevent problems if a single egg or bed bug was left in the mattress due to a previous guest. The cover stops the bed bug from getting out and infesting the entire hotel.

Fight Other Allergens

A final peripheral benefit is that the mattress covers provide a tight seal against many other types of allergens. The same impermeable fabric that is blocking bedbugs is also stopping particulates, spores and other substances from exiting or reaching the mattress. This can create better air quality and a cleaner environment for guests with allergies.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, May 12, 2014

A great night’s rest is one of the most important things a person can do for good mental and physical health. Sleeping allows the body the recovery time it needs to restore positive energy for the upcoming day’s activities. Falling asleep quickly and maintaining a good sleep pattern throughout the night is conducive to a healthier lifestyle. Using a quality mattress pad or pillow topper is the first step to discovering a whole new world of peaceful slumber. These bedding items are multifunctional products that provide much needed softness and cushioning to any mattress. They are designed to be used atop a mattress providing warmth, comfort, and protection.

Wholesale quilted mattress pads and pillow toppers are the perfect way to protect a new mattress or bring life back to an older one. Mattresses are an expensive investment and require special care to ensure their longevity. The best way to take care of a mattress is to use a Quiet Comfort Wholesale Waterproof Mattress Pad with a Teflon backing that is made to protect against spills. They come in a variety of sizes including twin, full, queen, and king with an elastic skirt that makes changing them a breeze. The Pillow Topper Pad adds the ultimate in luxury to any bedding combination with 24 ounces of bonded polyester fill per square yard and is made to fit deeper mattresses. They are machine washable with a T-200 100% cotton top with a polyester underside.

The Wholesale Poly/Cotton Fitted Mattress Pad is an affordable option that is extremely durable with a non-slip fit. Another economical choice is the Wholesale Polyester Fitted Mattress Pad with a quilted top. It comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king to fit a wide range of sizes. Each of these top of the line, long lasting mattress pads are constructed with comfort and quality in mind to help people get a good night’s rest. The ordering process is easy to follow and the free shipping within the Continental United States makes them an attractive choice for anyone looking to update older mattresses or protect new ones.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The White Down Alternative Duvet Comforter has unique features that are difficult to find in other comforters being offered in the market today. The White Cloud Down Alternative fill makes this comforter special. It has the pure softness that provides ultimate comfort. Its cover contains a 233 thread count and 100% pure cotton. It is designed to last for several years.

This is the perfect comforter to place inside a duvet cover. It can also be used alone. Consumers allergic to down products will not have an allergic reaction to this bedding product.

Here are the attractive features of this special bedding item:

-It can be placed in the washing machine and dryer

-Measurements and Fill Weight: TWIN Size-62" x 86" / 30 oz. QUEEN Size-88" x 92" / 40 oz. KING Size-106" x 90" / 45 oz.

-White Cloud" Fill is cleaner and softer. There will be no need for you to worry about dry cleaning or annoying feathers!

-Eleven Inch Box Stitching holds fill firmly in place

-Double-stitched edge for durability

-Self Piping Binding

-Hypo Allergenic Down Alternative Filled

-100% Cotton Fabric

-Medium Warmth Rating

The White Down Alternative Duvet Comforter is ideal for anyone who enjoys experiencing warmth and comfort throughout the entire night. It is especially useful for people who are allergic to down products. Hypo allergenic down comforters will capture dust mites and other various particles that will accumulate over a period time. This feature helps prevent allergic reactions.

This comforter has a contemporary look that will complement your bedroom. It has the deluxe features that are difficult to find in other comforters on the market today. The White Down Duvet Comforter was designed to provide you with optimum comfort at an affordable price. This is the primary reason why it has been able to retain its popularity for many years. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, May 8, 2014

For those struggling to pick out a wedding or birthday gift for a loved one, microfiber bedding is a beautiful and practical choice. Not only is microfiber warm and soft, but it is easy to launder and lasts a long time if it is laundered properly. In addition, it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit any decor.

Warmth and Softness

The outer layer, or shell, of a microfiber comforter is butter-soft and feels almost like chamois. This softness is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as there is no abrasive aspect to it whatsoever. Microfiber is also great for anyone who likes soft, light bedding. Those with sensory processing disorders, psoriasis or other conditions that make heavy bedding a bad choice will love microfiber for its soft support and feel. Comforters are sold in a variety of thicknesses for different climates, meaning that people from around the country can enjoy microfiber without being cold or sweating under an inappropriate thickness.

Durable and Easy to Launder

Chenille will pill and shed, wool will shrink and cotton can fade and stretch, but microfiber is surprisingly easy to care for. Wash and dry it on the gentle cycle and toss it back on the bed. It's that simple. If laundered in this manner, a microfiber comforter will still look great after five years!

Wide Availability of Sizes and Colors

From a single bed up to a California King, microfiber is available in all sizes due to its wild popularity and versatility. Matching pillowcases, shams and dust ruffles also come in a huge variety of colors and patterns to suit every taste and interior decorating plan.

Microfiber is a great choice for a gift, whether it's for a wedding, birthday or other happy event. Bedding of this kind is durable, available in all sizes and colors, soft, warm and comforting. You can't go wrong, and your loved one will appreciate your gift for years to come.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, May 5, 2014

Having a clean bed to rest in, helps a person relax and enjoy a good nights sleep. It is simple to wash and dry sheets. Washing comforters and bedspreads can be simple as well if done the proper way. But what is the best way to wash comforter sets and bedspreads?

Keeping comforter sets looking beautiful
The first thing you should do is to check the label on your comforter for wash instructions. If you have a large, front-load washing machine you can wash the comforter at home. If not, it is best to take it to a laundromat. Put the comforter in the machine with no water. Wash in cold water to avoid fading. If you have a down comforter it is best to use organic cleaners.

Dry the comforter on permanent press. If you have a white comforter you can dry it on a clothesline for that fresh scent. Sunlight can fade colored comforters so it is best not to dry those outside. Take your comforter out, adjust it and dry a second time to ensure that it is completely dry. Comforters tend to retain a musty smell quickly if left wet too long. Another good idea is to add a tennis ball or laundry ball to the dryer. This helps prevent clumping in corners.

The best care for your bedspread
As with comforters, if you do not have a large or front-load washer take your bedspread to the laundromat. Use a gentle cycle and cold water. If you want to save money you can wash the bedspread in your bathtub. Simply fill the tub with cold water. Pour in your detergent and move the bedspread about in the water for about 15 minutes. Rinse it with a tub of fresh, clean water.

Clean and fresh bed linens are relaxing and inviting. You can keep them looking beautiful for years by taking proper care of them. This will also save your wallet a good bit of money,making YOU a happier person. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Pollack 7-Piece Comforter Set is a quality bed linen set that has been created with the temporary housing industry in mind. The fabric and design is suited to the demands of such establishments. The entire set is machine washable in low temperatures. The microfiber comforter is filled with a bonded poly-fill that won’t shift or bunch up during the laundry process. This means the set will continue to look new and fresh after continued use and washing.

Each set includes two pillow shams, three accent pillows, and a bed skirt all in coordinating colors and patterns. It can be purchased in queen or king sizing. The queen comforter measures 92 by 96 inches, while the king sized comforter measures 108 by 96 inches. All bed skirts have a 14.5 inch drop. The pillow shams measure 22 by 28 inches.

The comforter is oversized so that it will completely cover both standard and pillow top mattresses. The tack stitch quilting gives the Pollack 7-Piece Comforter Set the look of luxury bedding. The pieces come in neutral blues and tans with a contemporary design that suits many interior styles. Each bed skirt is in a light blue, and the pillow shams are a dark brown and light blue stripe with matching blue edging. Two of the accent pillows are in the dark brown, and the third is in a complimentary pattern that includes all three colors used in the other accessories pieces. The comforter itself comes in a classic wide striped pattern of beige, tan, light blue, and dark brown. The reverse side is a solid tan.

This microfiber bed set is presented by Palmetto Linen Distributors. They are a wholesale linen source that provides kitchen, bath, and bed linens to public institutions and private sector industries throughout the United States. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, May 1, 2014

If you have picked up new sheets for your bedding set, it can be a struggle to find just the right accessories to go with them. Here's a few suggestions to consider adding to your bedroom décor.

Adjustable Bed Skirts

A bed skirt is a great way to dress up your bed and give it some style. Try to get the skirt of the same general fabric and color that your sheets are made of. The skirts are easy to attach, and they work well even if you have a footboard. The skirts come with adjustable length panels so you won't need to concern yourself too much with the length and size.

Pillow Shams

Pillow Shams add a certain flair to the bedroom. They are great for displaying a complementary color to your sheets. The ties that secure the shams often add a bit of a decorative flair. A good deal on a sham can often be found at places that sell Wholesale Bedding Accessories.


A coverlet is an accessory that can really make an impact on the look of your bed. A coverlet should be a complementary color, such as Chocolate, Moss Green or White. Try to pick up a coverlet with durable quilted construction for extra warmth.

Duvet Cover

The cover can protect your duvet and it feels great. These often come in the same color as the sheet sets. Duvet covers are simple to remove for washing and add a bit of complexity to the look. The layered look works well and gives you a layer of additional warmth. These also can be grabbed at a good price at places that sell Wholesale Bedding Accessories.

Quilted Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is always a good idea. Not only do they feel good to lie on, but they will protect your mattress from spills. The added height often gives the bed a more appealing, comfortable look. The pads are a smart way to protect your bedding which you have invested so much time and thought into.

Make your guests feel at home, dress up your room with all of the bells and whistles!

by: Palmetto Linen