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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An abundance of wet, dirty carpet is not a desirable condition for a home. Moisture trapped in the carpet can feel unpleasant to walk on, be visually unappealing and attract dirt that then gets trapped in the carpet fibers. It can even start to smell. Many homeowners attack the soiled carpet problem by cleaning it with a steam cleaner or by another method. Although this often returns the carpet to acceptable condition, it is not feasible to go through the process of cleaning and drying a carpet often. It is a lot of effort to scrub carpets, and the results of all that effort can hardly seem worth it if it doesn’t last long.

Fortunately, dirty carpets can often be avoided in the first place. The most effective way for most homeowners to keep their carpets cleaner is by using rugs to collect water and dirt instead. It may sound like trading one problem for another, but the problem of soiled rugs can be easier to solve than the elaborate scrubbing a full carpet can require.

Keeping a fresh, clean environment in the home is important for its residents’ enjoyment. By selecting washable rugs for the bathroom, kitchen and entry way, homeowners can ensure that it is easy for everyone to do their part in keeping the house tidy. Simply wiping feet when entering the home, standing on a rug when washing the dishes in the kitchen, or stepping out of the shower onto a bathroom rug can help keep floors dry and catch dirt and debris so that the carpet remains pristine.

Many styles of bathroom, kitchen and entry way rugs that can be washed in a washing machine are available for the enjoyment of homeowners and visitors. The range of styles allows homeowners to select the rugs that best complement their space and style. The washable nature of these rugs helps homeowners get plenty of use out of these rugs for the practical purpose of keeping a clean and pleasant household. Choosing more than one rug can mean offering ample opportunities for people to wipe their feet and watch their step.

by: Palmetto Linen