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Friday, May 16, 2014

Bed bugs are a major problem that should concern every hotel owner. A single guest could bring a bed bug into the hotel and start an infestation that takes weeks to eliminate. Fortunately, there are mattress covers available that can stop bed bugs before they establish a nest. The covers have a tight seal to create a physical barrier. Using these bed bug proof mattress covers has several advantages.

Prevent Infestations

The largest benefit is that the covers will prevent bed bugs from infesting mattresses. Bed bugs can wait in luggage, on clothes or inside a towel for months at a time. They come out at night to feed. The mattress cover will prevent the bed bugs from finding a way into the mattress to hide and establish a colony. The covers also help to stop bed bug eggs. Washing the cover in hot water will kill any eggs left on the surface.

Reassure Guests

Guests are very aware of the bed bug problem that is haunting some hotels. This is causing guests to be more cautious than ever when choosing a hotel and examining a room. Using bed bug proof mattress covers allows the hotel to reassure guests that the pests are not a problem. This can allow guests to enjoy the stay without thinking about bed bugs. It could even increase bookings if the covers are part of advertising.

Mitigate Existing Problems

The bed bug covers do more than just stop the pests from entering the mattress. They also seal in any bed bugs or eggs already inside of the mattress. This can help to prevent problems if a single egg or bed bug was left in the mattress due to a previous guest. The cover stops the bed bug from getting out and infesting the entire hotel.

Fight Other Allergens

A final peripheral benefit is that the mattress covers provide a tight seal against many other types of allergens. The same impermeable fabric that is blocking bedbugs is also stopping particulates, spores and other substances from exiting or reaching the mattress. This can create better air quality and a cleaner environment for guests with allergies.

by: Palmetto Linen