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Thursday, June 26, 2014
Institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes require bed linens that are easy to wash and dry to reduce the cost of utilities, including water and electricity. At the same time, having soft bedding is essential to protect the delicate skin tissue of patients with injuries and infirmities. Plush microfiber sheets are the perfect answer for finding affordable bed linens that require frequent laundering to keep the items clean and sanitized. Instead of choosing expensive cotton or polyester blends that require special care such as extensive drying and labor intensive ironing to remove wrinkles, order bed linens make from synthetic threads that only require a dryer sheet to eliminate static and wrinkles.

Durable Bed Linens

To order the very best synthetic thread bed linens, select a product with a higher gram weight. A high GSM number indicates that the thread strands are thinner, leading to a softer fabric that feels luxurious against the skin of guests or patients. Quality bed linens made of synthetic fibers are also suitable for use in motels and hotels where guests expect soft bedding during an overnight stay. The management or owners of hotels and motels require durable bed linens that can withstand daily washing and drying without wrinkling and degrading. Motel and hotel management also want the convenience of ordering bed linens in large cases with multiple product at reasonable prices.

Soft Durable Threads

The ultrathin threads contained in plush microfiber sheets are brushed before weaving the fabric, leading to material that is soft but durable. Due to the nature of the synthetic threads in the bedding, it is easy to wash the bed linens in different water temperatures without damaging the items. This means that the bed linens do not shrink or lose the correct shape during numerous washings. It is also safe for businesses to use sanitizing detergents and bleaches while washing the bed linens. The fabric of this type of linen does not create lint that attaches to clothing, carpeting and other bedding. Manufacturers making these linens create several sizes suitable for different types of beds.

by: Palmetto Linen