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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Few things feel as pampering than stepping out of the bathtub or shower and wrapping yourself in a thick, plush luxury towel. Purchasing plush towels wholesale is one of the best investments you can make because in return for your purchase price you are getting a supply of the finest quality towels for home or commercial use.

Customers love these towels because they are constructed using a shuttleless weaving loom, resulting in a big, plush towel that feels softer than the competition and looks much cleaner. The softness and plushness that characterize these towels are two of the most important features that customers say they want in a bath towel. These wholesale plush towels are created using only 100% cotton yarn because we want to satisfy your demand for softness as well as absorbency. Cotton is the best material available for creating that thirsty surface on a towel that quickly and easily absorbs water from the skin after a shower or bath without feeling scratchy or irritating sensitive skin types.

But these plush towels wholesale prices don't mean that just because you are getting a great deal that the product is in anyway lower in quality or construction than plush towels for which competitors are charging full retail rates. Customers have the choice of two different weights of towels, both of which have proven to be popular options with those who insist on both quality and value.

The Regular Bath Towel has a weight of 12.5 pounds per dozen towels, with the Plush Bath Towel weighing in at 2.5 pounds more per dozen. We also offer the option of purchasing these fine quality towels in bulk case packs of 24 towels each. These plush towels also come generously sized at 27" wide and 54" long.

Customers prefer plush towels because they look richer and more luxurious when hanging on the bathroom towel rack, they absorb water faster and better from wet skin, and they simply feel luxurious each and every time they are used, making a bath or shower feel like an expensive spa experience.

by: Palmetto Linen