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Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Massage is one of the world's oldest forms of healing. Whether it is used to target a musculoskeletal injury as a component of physical therapy or aid in relaxation and stress relief as part of a spa day, massage is an experience that brings the sense of touch to new heights. Everything clients come in contact with should be carefully considered. Distractions that may cause discomfort or detract from the experience should be avoided.

Massage table sheets may seem like a minor consideration, but the amount of time a client spends in direct contact with them makes them a major factor in the massage experience. Sheets that are scratchy, dingy or ill-fitting make it difficult for a client to relax into the massage and reflect poorly on the business. Any organization offering massages needs to invest in enough quality massage table sheets to provide every client with a fresh, positive experience every time.

Some high-end businesses pamper their clients with high thread counts and luxury linen. It is an expensive, if effective strategy. Others make smart substitutions by purchasing wholesale massage table sheets like the Soft Touch luxury microfiber sheets. These affordable flat sheets offer the feel of 400 thread count linens at a much lower cost. Available in three sizes, they are a perfect fit for most massage tables. The standard sheet is 64 inches wide and 100 inches long. For those needing a shorter option, the twin flat sheet is 64 inches by 96 inches. At 64 inches by 104 inches, the twin XL size provides extra coverage.

While Soft Touch luxury microfiber sheets feel indulgent, they are a practical choice that hold up amazingly well to the frequent launderings demanded of sheets used in spas and physical therapy centers. As a bonus, they dry approximately 30 percent faster than their cotton blend counterparts do. Businesses that use these sheets save time, energy and money.

Wholesale massage table sheets are a smart solution for any business that needs a supply of quality, easily laundered sheets. Soft, luxurious sheets make it easier for clients to relax and truly savor the physical and spiritual benefits of massage.

by: Palmetto Linen