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Saturday, June 21, 2014
A quality mattress is usually one of the biggest expenditures individuals make during their lifetime. Wholesale mattress covers are an affordable way to provide protection over the entire surface of the mattress top to prevent spilled liquids and bodily secretions from staining the mattress surface and encouraging the growth of bacteria and other allergens.

Wholesale quilted mattress pads and pillow covers offer a convenient and affordable way to protect any size mattress. In addition, the plush surface positioned on top of the mattress provides an extra layer of comfortable cushioning to encourage a better night's sleep. Many people who enjoy snacking in bed or drinking a cup of calming tea or other beverage before retiring for the night are often sorry when a spill occurs. But there are no worries if a quality durable mattress cover has been installed over the mattress' original surface ahead of time for added protection. This mattress cover can then be washed and replaced, providing protection for many years to come.

Many parents often enjoy reading stories at bedtime to their children, but accidents can happen when youngsters climb into mommy and daddy's bed. But with a mattress cover securely in place, there is no chance that urine or any beverage spills can penetrate the mattress cover. Wholesale mattress covers make the bedding environment safer because they prevent bed bugs, mold, dust mites or other irritants from taking up residence in the mattress. People who use a mattress cover report that they can breathe much more easily than they did prior to using a mattress cover that fits snugly over their mattress top and sides.

Getting a good night's sleep is no longer a luxury, but simply a matter of necessity during these busy times. Mattress covers not only provide a better cushioned surface for a more comfortable sleep experience, they also are on guard round the clock to protect the mattress against spills, sweat, bed bugs and other pollutants that can cause health problems as well as strange odors. Investing in a mattress cover means investing in sound peace of mind.

by: Palmetto Linen