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Thursday, July 17, 2014
Keep Mattress’s Clean

Every hotel and motel needs to protect the mattresses in guest’s bedrooms from damage by moisture such as body oils. Wholesale mattress covers are the perfect way to keep pollen, dust and liquids away from a mattress’s surface. Guests staying in an expensive hotel expect to sleep on soft surfaces that are impeccably clean. The best way for hotels to save money on replacing expensive mattresses in guest’s bedrooms is by covering the surfaces in a quality padded fabric with waterproof underlying layers.

Have Happy Guests

The guests staying in a hotel expect to sleep on beds that do not contain allergens such as pet dander, pollen or mold. While sheets and blankets provide partial protection for a mattress’s surface, a better protection is a soft but durable fitted underpad with waterproofing materials. The housekeeping staff in a hotel can vacuum mattresses to remove some debris from its surface. However, debris such as skin flakes and dust mites filter down into the mattress’s padding, leading to a filthy sleeping surface.

Soft Quilted Fabrics

Housekeeping staff in a motel must spend an enormous amount of time vacuuming mattresses, costing an employer more money. A better alternative is ordering a bulk quantity of mattress protectors made of soft quilted fabrics that are 100 percent machine washable and dryable. Instead of the maids needing to lift and move heavy mattresses to vacuum the items, the covers are simply removed for laundering after each guest leaves.

Easy to Launder

It is easy to order wholesale mattress covers from online retailers that offer free shipping on products. The protective devices are available in a variety of sizes, styles and price points in bulk lots, making it fast to complete an order. Hotel managers can choose from waterproof and porous mattress pads in white cotton, polyester or blend fabrics. Each underpad has an elastic edging that makes it easy to place the item on a mattress. Not only does the mattress protector prevent stains on a mattress, it also provides an additional soft surface on the bed.

by: Palmetto Linen