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Thursday, July 10, 2014
Affordable Linens

Industries such as hotels, nursing homes and medical facilities require affordable bed linens in large quantities that are long lasting and attractive. To make laundering easier, these establishments require bedding that is simple to wash and dry each time it is used. Wholesale waffle weave blankets are a perfect choice because the bedding is easy to take care of while providing vital warmth that people need in hospitals and motels. Being able to order bed linens online with fast shipping is a great way for hospitality or hospital managers to save time. Online shopping allows customers to see a product’s features such as fabric content, color and sizes quickly.

Cotton Fibers

There are numerous features to look for when buying bed linens for industrial uses such as neutral colors in light gray, golden wheat, ivory and white. Bedding made of cotton fibers is suitable for patients and lodging guests because it seldom causes allergic reactions such as skin rashes or sneezing. The plush fibers of cotton bedding are comfortable against the skin, circulate air easily and provide lightweight material. Cotton fabrics are easy to launder in regular or heavy-duty washing machines at cool or hot temperatures. Despite all of these features natural cotton bedding is durable because it resists thread snags and pulls, allowing multiple machine washing and drying sessions without deteriorating.

Different Sizes

Finding an assortment of wholesale waffle weave blankets in different sizes makes it easy to wash several bedding items at once. Machine wash and dry bed linen in sizes of twin, king and combination full/queen makes it simple to coordinate the decor in a hospitality setting. Thick bedding make of 100 percent combed cotton provides essential warmth for facilities located in colder climates. Shipping in quantities of either four or six items depending on bedding size makes the prices on this product completely reasonable with the additional bonus of free shipping to many geographic areas. Instead of wasting time searching for bed linens at brick-and-mortar stores, shop online at a company that understands the special bed linen needs of the hospitality industry.

by: Palmetto Linen