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Saturday, July 12, 2014
Ironing Requires Specialized Equipment

While ironing clothing, bedding and draperies may seem like it is an easy chore, it actually requires specialized equipment. Industries that iron a lot of fabric items require a regular supply of wholesale ironing board covers. Places that need to remove numerous wrinkles from fabrics include fashion houses, retail establishments and hotels. To ensure fabrics look the best possible, having metal ironing boards covered with a combination of fabric and underlying soft padding is necessary. A fabric cover on a metal ironing board is essential to prevent the surface of the device from becoming hot due to the hot pressing iron. Hot metal on the board could lead to a serious burn injury for employees.

Covers with a Coating

The fabric surface of an ironing board’s cover is often coated with a substance that makes it easier to slide the hot pressing iron over curtains, shirts or tablecloths. At the same time, the coating is also resistant to flames if an accidental fire begins due to the hot pressing iron. It is also vital to have a soft padding layer, making it easier to press the pleats on skirts or draperies. Companies that manufacturer clothing have large numbers of employees who are responsible for pressing garments before packaging the items for shipment to retailers all over the world. While a private individual may seldom need to replace an ironing board’s cover, these industries wear the items out quickly, leading to requiring replacements frequently.

Choose Adjustable Covers for Ironing Boards

Buying a large quantity of wholesale ironing board covers is definitely a better option for many industries. By ordering a large box of easy to attach covers, a company is always ready with a replacement when one tears or deteriorates after long-term use. The best covers for ironing boards are made with a pocket space that fits quickly over the narrow end of the device. Around the edge of the fabric cover is a tunnel with a pull string or elastic that allows people to adjust the item to fit on different sizes of boards.

by: Palmetto Linen