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Saturday, July 5, 2014
People who are moving into their first home or apartment, who need to buy a gift for newlyweds or who have managed to lose, give away or wear out a lot of their old pots and pans should seek to purchase a wholesale pots and pans set.

These sets can be made up of only a few pots and pans or many. Often, when a wholesaler claims that the set consists of seven pieces they don't mean seven pots and pans but three pots, a frying pan and lids for the pots. An eight piece set might also have a lid for the pan.

There are a few essential pots and pans that every cook should have. They are:

Large and Small Cast Iron Frying Pans
Once seasoned, these pans can last forever and can be used for just about everything, including scrambling and frying eggs, omelets, sautéing, roasting and even baking.

Every cook needs an eight and a half quart saucepan, a four quart saucepan and perhaps a one quart saucepan for soups and sauces.

A stockpot usually holds about eight quarts and is excellent for boiling pasta and making stew. Extra large ones can hold lots of corn-on-the-cob.

Dutch Oven
This oval shaped, six quart pan is for braising and roasting meat and making stews.

Roasting Pan
This is the pan used to roast the Christmas and Thanksgiving turkey. It's also excellent for roasting red meat, other poultry and vegetables. The best are made out of stainless steel and come with a non-stick rack.

Pots and pans are also made from a variety of materials. Among them are:

Some cooks insist on having at least one copper pot because of the way copper conducts heat.

This is the second best conductor of heat when it comes to pots and pans. The pot or pan should be thick so it doesn't warp from the heat.

Cast Iron
This material also conducts heat well and is endures very high temperatures.

Stainless Steel
Though this metal doesn't conduct heat as well as other materials, it doesn't react with acidic foods, doesn't corrode and is nonporous. This is often the most popular choice due to its durability and affordability.

by: Palmetto Linen