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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Showers curtains are an integral part of showering. In addition to their aesthetic function, they block water from leaving the shower. After a while, it makes sense to replace a shower curtain. After all, a shower curtain will eventually get dirty due to mildew and mold. It can be extremely costly to replace shower curtains and rings every so often. That is why it makes sense economically to buy wholesale shower curtains. That way, someone can receive bulk shower curtains at discount prices. It especially helps if the shower curtains can be delivered with free shipping.

During the process of buying showers curtains at wholesale prices, it may take some time to shop and locate the right one that fits your shower and your bathroom. There are numerous options for shower curtains to choose from. For example, there are different sizes such as standard, extra long and extra wide. There are shower curtains styles of a window or window-less. There are also options for the type of material used such as plastic, EVA, PEVA, vinyl and fabric. Of course, there are different color choices such as blue, brown, white, tan and ivory. Some shower curtains can also be lightweight. Other shower curtains might also include premium anti-mildew treatment to limit mildew from building up. All of these choices are options to consider when purchasing wholesale shower curtains.

There is a popular type of shower curtain that is on the market called the no hook shower curtain. Essentially, these shower curtains contain built-in flexible rings that are easy for consumers to use. Because of this device, there is no need to buy additional rings. There are also shower curtains that come with 100% water repellant that is built-in. That great aspect of this feature is that it eliminates the need to buy an additional liner with the shower curtain.

by: Palmetto Linen