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Saturday, July 19, 2014
Hospitality Bedding

Hotels require numerous hospitality sheets, blankets and pillows to keep an establishment’s bedrooms prepared for guests. Ordering bed linens at wholesale prices is the best way for hotel managers to save money and increase profits. In addition to saving time, being able to order merchandise in bulk is a necessity. The online retailer chosen to order bedding from should provide the benefit of free shipping to help control costs for an establishment. Hospitality bedding is suitable for other places in addition to hotels, such as college dormitories, nursing homes and day spas. All products ordered from an online retailer for use in the hospitality industry must be durable and easy to launder on a daily basis.

Different Sizes

The essential items needed for beds in hotels and medical facilities are sheets and pillowcases. These items must be made of soft and long lasting fibers such as cotton, polyester and blends with tight weaves that offer a quality appearance. One of the newest fabrics offered is microfiber that washes easily and dries fast without degrading rapidly. After choosing the best fabric for an establishment, it is necessary to choose the correct size for a particular mattress. Each size is available at bulk prices in a variety of quantities and price points, depending on the style chosen. While basic white sheets are always popular, it is also possible to order sheets in other colors, including blue, green and beige.

Gorgeous Colors

Additional bed linens at wholesale prices are available from online retailers to provide a delightful experience for guests. Washable blankets in pretty colors of rose, blue and sage are a great way to give a hotel room a gorgeous decor. Hotel managers may need to select different weights of blankets for particular seasons to keep guests warm. An alternative for many establishments is ordering a complete comforter set with matching bed skirt, shams and accent pillows. To protect mattresses from stains and insects, managers can order mattress pads or bedbug covers. At the same time, hospitality industries also require an assortment of pillows in a variety of sizes.

by: Palmetto Linen