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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
After waking up each morning, making the bed can help a person to look more organized and reduce clutter around the house. This especially true for smaller homes where beds take up a substantial percentage of floorspace. Although it takes additional effort, investing the time to make a bed each day can make home ownership more enjoyable. Below are instructions to make a bed perfectly each morning.

1. Fluff the Pillows
The first step to making the bed is to fluff the pillows. While sleeping, pillows will become deflated as the weight of a person's head begins to push them down. With time, the pillowcase can start to look wrinkled and tattered if it is not fluffed each morning. This can even make it more enjoyable to sleep the following night, so this is generally recommended.

2. Align the Mattress and Bed

Each night, most people accidentally move the bed and mattress out of alignment. Start by making sure that these are aligned correctly to ensure that the bed is made well.

3. Smooth the Sheets

Before pulling the comforter over, start by doing the sheets. While nobody can see the sheets directly, they will cause bumps to be seen on the outside of the comforter. Therefore, it is important to smooth the sheets and any other blankets underneath the comforter before moving on.

4. Make the Comforter

The next step is to actually make the comforter itself. To do this, start by pulling it over the bed on both sides until it is laid flat. From there, pull it tight until the bed is smooth in all areas. In some cases, it may be helpful to take a step back from the bed to ensure that it looks perfect before moving on.

5. Use Decorative Pillows

Placing a couple of decorative pillows on the outside of the bed can give it an extra touch. Although this requires little effort, most people don't do this. This is unfortunate, considering that decorative pillows make the difference between a made bed looking average and looking like it is straight out of a furniture catalog.

by: Palmetto Linen