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Thursday, August 21, 2014
Most people have that one area in their closets where there is a giant heap of unfolded, fitted sheets. Their rounded edges can cause chaos even for the master folder, but knowing how to fold fitted sheets takes only a few seconds and can free up some much needed space in the closet that can be used for other things.

Step 1:

Hold the sheet lengthwise with two opposite corners of the sheet in your hand with the correct side of the sheet facing your body.

Step 2:

Take the corner in your right hand,and bring it over to the other one, tucking the corner right underneath the corner in your left hand.

Step 3:

Slide your hand down the sheet until you find the third corner of the sheet. Pick up the corner, and again, slide it into the first corner along with the second one.

Step 4:

Repeat the same process with corner number four. All corners of the sheet should now be on top of each other. Don't worry, it will still look like a mess.

Step 5:

With your hand still underneath the two corners, slide your other hand down the sides of the sheet. There should be two edges hanging. Straighten out the edges and take your sheet to a table, floor, of flat place where it can continue to be folded.

Step 6:

There should now be a square sheet on a flat surface. From here, the sheet can be folded into thirds, similar to how you fold a sheet of business paper to fit inside of an envelope. With a long rectangle, the sheet can now be folded into thirds again, horizontally.

You should now have a gorgeous, folded, fitted sheet that will fit perfectly in your closet.

by: Palmetto Linen