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Friday, August 15, 2014
There's nothing like the feeling of a warm and fluffy towel around you after a shower, but eventually towels get to a point where they may be too worn out, ineffective or ridden with bacteria to continue using them. However, knowing when it is the best time to replace your towels is very important. You don't want to be needlessly replacing towels and wasting money. Here are some easy ways of determining when it's time to ditch your old towels for new ones. 

Lost Softness

After a lot of usage, washing and drying, your towels eventually start to lose that soft and fluffy feeling that they had when you first purchased them. This is due to the fact that through all of the use and trips through the washer and dryer, the towel continuously loses fibers that help make it soft. You can usually tell when your towels start feeling less soft than they used to, but when they start to feel almost abrasive is a sign that you should replace them.

Loss of Absorbency

What good is a towel if it doesn't dry? New towels can have you feeling dry as a bone in no time, but old and worn out towels have lost so many of their fibers that they simply can't absorb water as much as they used to. In addition, the fibers that remain on the towel may be so damaged and old that they also can't retain much water anymore. A towel that has lost its absorbency is better off being cut up into rags. 


Most people don't think of just how much bacteria ends up growing on towels. When you use a towel after coming out of the shower, it gets covered in dead skin cells, hair, dirt and germs. In addition, towels lay in piles of laundry for hours or days while being soaking wet. This allow plenty of bacteria to grow on the towels before it gets washed. While washing the towel does remove a good deal of the bacteria, it still retains plenty of bacteria that only gets worse and worse the more the towel gets used. It eventually develops an odor that doesn't seem to go away no matter how often it gets washed. This is a very important indicator to replace your towels as using a towel covered in bacteria can be a health risk.

by: Palmetto Linen