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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
The material used in a therapist's choice of massage sheets can make a difference in cost, laundering time and client satisfaction. While it may seem insignificant, the sheets used by a massage therapist can have profound effects on the perceived quality of treatment, as well as on how effectively the therapist can work. Here are just a few advantages of microfiber massage sheets in this regard.

It is important to choose quality sheets for a massage practice. Not only do good sheets feel better for clients, but they make draping significantly easier and less error-prone. Heavier, poor-quality sheets are more difficult to work with, drag on the table and skin, and disrupt a therapist's ability to work effectively.

Microfiber sheets feel great and cost less. They resist wrinkles and stains well, and hold up better than do natural materials under the intense strain of a busy practice. Microfiber sheets feel like 400 thread count cotton, but will last longer and look better. Further, because microfiber is lighter, it is easy to manipulate when draping clients, and glides more easily over exposed skin and clothing.

Microfiber also launders better. Sheets dry up to 30% faster, thus making them available more quickly and saving laundering costs. When sheets must be washed daily, it is important that they can stand up to the process well.

Microfiber also resists allergens. With a variety of clients using them, it is important that any reasonable step to protect against allergies be taken. Hopefully the massage environment is already free of dust and allergens, but if it is not, microfiber sheets can screen the client from any remaining on the table.

Microfiber massage sheets come in a variety of colors and styles that are sure to please clients. They last longer, clean more easily, resist wrinkles and do not trap allergens. Draping with them is easy thanks to their weight and smoothness. Given these advantages, it is easy to see why microfiber is a compelling material for massage sheets.

by: Palmetto Linen