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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Many people today ask the question “What is a bed scarf?” In simple terms, it's a way for people to dress their beds. It's a piece of fabric designed to be placed be at the foot of a bed. The intended purpose of a bed scarf is to protect bedding when people put things on the bed or want to lay down on it. Bed scarfs have been used for many years in the hospitality industry. Hotels have used them to protect bedding from shoes, luggage and more for a long time. They are now becoming popular with people who want to use them in their home.

Many times a person may not know how long a an old bedspread has been used. They may have no idea how often it has been washed. A bed scarf is a good way to protect the cleanliness of items beneath it.

A bedspreads may not appeal to person designing their bedroom's appearance. It is possible to use bed scarves with very impressive prints. They are able to provide a special range of colors that can accent the scheme of any bedroom.

People are discovering that a bed scarf can provide their bedroom with a special type of flair. In some cases, bedding that appears to be dull-looking can come to life with the colors from a bed scarf. It can also be used to complement a bedroom's style.

A person no longer needs to spend a lot of money redecorating their bedroom. A simple, fresh coat of paint, a bed scarf that blends in with the color and it's a completely different room. If a person has an expensive bedspread with an unsightly stain, it must be removed. It's easy to find a quality bed scarf at an affordable price. If they are stained beyond repair, a bed scarf can be replaced without experiencing financial hardship.

A quilted bed scarf is often large enough to be used as a throw when unfolded. They are also able to be used with other types of quilted bedding. It is easy to maintain them. They are machine washable and dry very quickly.

by: Palmetto Linen