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Saturday, September 20, 2014
An inviting guest room is a hallmark of warm, thoughtful hosts. To ensure that guests feel welcome and comfortable while away from home, there are a few simple steps one may take when prepping the guest room for visitors.

The room should be clean, of course, which requires vacuuming and dusting. If the bed has been made up for some time before the guests arrive, the covers should be pulled back to make sure it is ready for the visitors. No one wants to turn back the sheets to find a dried husk from the summer’s cricket incursion.

A bench or folding luggage rack for suitcases is convenient if there is room. An empty bureau drawer and an over-the-door clothes hanger will probably provide all the space necessary for the short-term guest’s clothing.

Prepping the guest room for visitors should also include providing bath supplies. A small basket with travel size toiletries is a nice touch. A stack of two bath towels, a hand towel and washcloth can be tied with ribbon or raffia; a seasonal bit of nature can be tucked under the ribbon, such as a flower, fall leaf or evergreen sprig.

Many people like to decorate with candles, but this should be avoided in a guest room. The visitor should feel free to use anything that is left in the open, and the risk is too great that a candle could be left burning and pose a fire threat. Instead, decorate with a stack of three or four books of short stories and a dish of bright marbles.

Finally, there should be a working alarm clock with the properly set time. The bedside lamp should be checked to ensure it has a working bulb, and there should be at least one obvious and easily accessible electrical outlet.

A clean room with basic amenities, light bedtime reading and a place to charge the phone will make any guest feel welcome and give any host a five-star review.

by: Palmetto Linen