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Saturday, September 27, 2014
There are few experiences as enjoyable as resting your head on a soft, fluffy pillow. This is the goal that most people have as they slowly stumble to the bedroom after a long and tiresome day.

Unfortunately, bed pillows are known to lump or flatten out. These issues are inevitable, but there are some ways to make pillows fluffy again.

A few types of pillows will flatten out when washed while others don’t. All polyester and feather pillows suffer from these issues. The problem with feather pillows is that they cannot be un-lumped; it’s actually a process that happens naturally.

Ways to Fluff Bed Pillows

One of the best ways to fluff pillows is to throw them into the dryer at least one time per month. They need to be placed in their zippered covers, and the dryer should be set to air fluff.

Another way to fluff them up involves using a fabric softener. By adding a tiny bit of moisture to a fabric softener and placing it into the dryer with some pillows, it will make the pillows smell fresh while fluffing and softening them.

Another fluffing technique involves tennis balls. After placing the pillows into the dryer, two clean tennis balls should be added to the dryer.

While the dryer spins, the tennis balls will slowly beat any lumps out of the pillows. For anyone who doesn’t have tennis balls, a pair of clean shoes can also be used.

Best Way to Maintain Fluff

After going through all of the effort to make bed pillows fluffy again, it only makes sense to learn how to maintain the newfound fluffiness. This is as simple as fluffing up the pillows every single morning.

The best time to perform this technique is immediately after rolling out of bed. This technique is especially useful when used on down pillows.

It’s important to redistribute the pillow’s filling every morning and allow the filling to breathe. It’s especially important to fluff feather pillows daily because they accumulate small amounts of moisture while you sleep.

The technique lets pillows breathe, which removes the accumulated moisture. If you’re wondering how do I fluff my bed pillows, these are some of the easiest ways.

by: Palmetto Linen