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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Ever gone on a cruise or stayed at a resort where they fold a towel into a fun animal? People often wonder about the little towel friend innovations, and how to go about creating them. There are many different varieties that can be made, from a simple one towel swan to a two towel elephant. There are even more complicated animals to create like a towel monkey.

The first towel animal any beginner should start with is a swan. It is a simple one towel project that starts with the towel in the landscape position, and follows these steps.
Fold the top two corners downward to meet in the middle
Roll the outside edges into the center, resulting in an upward pointing arrow
Fold the arrow into a Z shape that should look like a swan
Two swan figure’s necks can form a heart shape if placed in the right position.

A more advanced towel folder can utilize more towels in each creation. One adorable towel animal of note is the hanging towel monkey, which is formed out of a bath towel, a washcloth, a clothes hanger, and two clothes pins. Again start with the towel in a landscape position and follow these steps.
Roll both sides of the towel until they meet in the middle
Fold in half with the rounded sides facing out
Face the circle ends towards you
Expose the corner in each circle slightly
Pull both left corners to the left and both right corners to the right
Hang the body from the clothes hanger using the clothes pins
Take the washcloth and fold it in half to form a triangle
Fold the sides into the middle resulting in a square
Fold the square in half
Open the folded end and pull it over the corners
Place the head between the arms and you have your monkey

These are just a few of the creative options possible when learning to fold a towel into a fun animal. Surprise a loved one with a creation that is not difficult to make and comes from the heart.

by: Palmetto Linen