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Thursday, September 18, 2014
Quick and Efficient

Understanding how to use a steamer on bed linens requires practice but leads to smooth sheets, blankets and comforters. Any one working in a commercial establishment such as a hotel knows that ironing bedding with a traditional iron and ironing board is incredibly time-consuming and strenuous. Alternatively, a professional steam machine made for industrial purposes removes the creases and wrinkles from bed sheets efficiently. This is because the industrial-strength machines meant for motels are made long enough to insert an entire bed sheet without rotating or moving it several times. This type of machine allows a commercial establishment’s employees to prepare sheets and blankets quickly for use on beds.

Destroys Dangerous Pathogens

The intense heat from a steam machine also sanitizes bedding by destroying pathogens such as dust mites, bacteria and bedbugs. The typical steam machine is suitable for removing creases from either dry or damp bed linens, depending on its setting. Use the directions supplied by the machine’s manufacturer to start the device and have it warm to the correct temperature. Before placing a bedsheet in the device, fold it lengthwise to place it on the steam machine table. It is important to use caution when using this hot machinery to avoid burn injuries. The bedding placed on the steam machine’s table gets hot throughout the pressing process, so removing it carefully is necessary.

Use Clean Water

Companies also make small handheld steam machines for use in private residences, allowing homemakers to sanitize and smooth bedding. Someone must fill the water reservoir with clean water before turning on the machine until it reaches the correct temperature. Because these machines sometimes sputter drops of hot liquid, homemakers should use caution to avoid burns. Placing blankets, sheets and comforters on a hanger to pass the steam across the items is an effective way to remove creases and wrinkles while sanitizing the material. A steamer on bed linens works best when the head of the device is as close as possible to the wrinkled fabric. For difficult creases, turn the blankets and bedsheets to steam the other side.

by: Palmetto Linen