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Monday, September 8, 2014
Duvets, which originated in rural Europe, became popular throughout the rest of the world in the late 20th century. What is a duvet? A duvet is a large quilt-like bed cover, filled with down, other feathers, or any of several natural or man-made fibers. Unlike a quilt or comforter, the duvet is constructed of plain, not decorative, material. It is intended to be used with a duvet cover, and the cover is the decorative element. The duvet takes the place of the bedspread, the top bed sheet, and blankets, eliminating a step in the bed-making process.

There are several advantages to duvets. The cover can easily be removed and laundered as needed, whereas quilts and comforters, being bulkier or more fragile, require greater care when being cleaned. The duvet itself seldom, if ever, needs to be cleaned, as it is enclosed in the cover, much like a pillow inside a pillowcase. Also, duvet covers can be changed with the season, when a room is redecorated, or just whenever the owner would like a change.

One notable feature of duvets is their versatility. Some manufacturers sell a lightweight, summer duvet and a medium-weight autumn duvet, and the two can be snapped together to make a very cozy and warm duvet for cold winter months.

Duvets and covers are popular items and are readily available at most stores that sell bedding. For the do-it-yourselfer, duvet covers are relatively simple to construct, as opposed to quilts, and can be made by a moderately experienced home sewer. Duvet covers can be closed with a zipper (upholstery zippers are available in many lengths), Velcro fasteners, or buttons and tabs, for an especially decorative look. Pillow covers can be purchased, or made, to coordinate or to contrast with the duvet cover, adding color and texture to the bedroom.

A good quality duvet, well-cared for, will last for years. With the wide variety of covers that are available, a duvet is a very practical and functional option for dressing a bed with style, comfort, and warmth.

by: Palmetto Linen