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Saturday, October 4, 2014
Order Linens in Bulk at Lower Prices

Hotels managers must protect numerous mattresses in multiple rooms to prevent damage to the expensive items. Guests at luxurious hotels expect to sleep on quality bedding that is soft, comfortable and clean. No hotel guest wants to spend the night sleeping on a stained mattress that has horrible odors. This is why covering mattresses with easy to launder removable pads is necessary. Buying a pad for a mattress is often expensive at a regular brick-and-mortar or online store, leading to looking for discount linen distributors that sell in bulk. Not only is buying wholesale linens less expensive, it is faster to order multiple items to save time. When ordering from a linen distributor, determine if the business also provides free shipping to make bedding more affordable.

How do I Choose a Mattress Pad?

Selecting wholesale mattress pads is simple when someone knows the mattress size. The size of a mattress is typically on its label, making it easy to know the box of pads to order from a bulk linen distributor. In addition to understanding the width and length of a mattress, knowing the depth is helpful to choose the correct size pad. Mattress pads are usually made as fitted bedding, meaning it has elastic added near the edges or sides. With the elastic edging, hotel maids can remove the pads quickly between guest visits to launder the items.

Covering Mattresses with Waterproof Layers

Because health code laws require that bedding is sanitized thoroughly, choosing durable pads is the best option. Bedding woven from cotton and polyester is simple to wash in hot water to remove pathogens left behind by hotel guests. After washing the pads, it is easy to place the items in a dryer to use on a bed before renting out a room in a hotel. In addition to selecting the correct size pad for a bed, hotel managers can find covers that have features such as waterproof layers to prevent moisture from reaching a mattress. Thickly padded covers with quilted stitching are highly desirable and available in different styles.

by: Palmetto Linen