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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Shaking Method

How do I clean a bath rug is the question many individuals ask themselves each day in large commercial establishments such as medical facilities or hotels. Carpets in guest bathrooms require sanitizing constantly to remove debris such as household dust, hair and mold spores. One of the easiest ways for people to remove dirt from small removable carpets is to take the items outside. Once outside, it is simple to shake or flip the carpets to loosen debris such as skin flakes. Alternatively, an individual can use a specialized carpet beating tool to remove a buildup of dirt. A vacuum cleaner is also an effective method for keeping rugs in bathrooms clean.

Microfiber Products

Local health code laws require commercial establishments to wash removable floor coverings frequently to avoid contamination between guests. This leads to needing to find durable bathroom rugs that can withstand multiple launderings while remaining attractive. The best way to find these types of rugs is through a company that sells specialty items meant for motels and other guest lodging businesses. Not only can commercial establishments find long lasting products at a linen distributor, it is possible to order items at bulk or wholesale prices to save money on purchases along with receiving free shipping. A linen distributor offers microfiber rugs in beautiful and versatile colors that are simple to wash and dry over and over.

Machine Wash

Because commercial establishments must have slip proof rugs with latex backings to prevent slip and fall injuries of guests, special care is needed during the laundering process. To prevent the latex backing from melting or degrading, washing bathroom rugs in cool water is recommended. A mild laundry detergent is all that is required to wash away stains and debris that collect on a rug’s fibers. Instead of placing rugs in hot dryers where the latex backing will melt, employees can hang the items to dry on clotheslines or racks. Fortunately, a microfiber rug dries quickly, instead of developing a foul odor, making it easy to get a bathroom sanitized and ready for the next hotel guest.

by: Palmetto Linen