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Friday, October 10, 2014
Ironing table cloths can be a major challenge due to their sheer size, but it's not as difficult as it looks. When learning how to iron table cloths, the first thing to consider is its shape. To do a round or oval table cloth, clean it like any other form of laundry but don't dry it all the way. All table cloths iron better when they're slightly damp. Next, place the cloth onto the ironing board and press down on the center. Iron from the center outwards in sections similar to a pie and rotate when necessary. People who are new to ironing should remember not to use circular motions since this can stretch the fabric. Only use back and forth motions that stay along the table cloth's weave. Just keep doing this until the entire table cloth is pressed and wrinkle-free. Before it's time to fold the fabric, make sure it's completely cooled down to room temperature since creases are more likely to form when it's warmer.

Ironing rectangular cloths is done differently, but it's essential knowledge when learning how to iron table cloths. The first thing to do s iron the underside at the lowest heat setting the iron has. This way, the cloth won't develop the noticeable sheen that can sometimes appear. Next, iron it out from the center to the edges just like the round table cloth. These should also be triangular sections wherever possible. If it's a very large table cloth, then fold it in half before ironing with the right sides together, and then, fold it with the undersides together. The next thing to do is fold it into thirds to eliminate any creases. Another thing that people should consider is placing the ironing board next to the table, so the ironed table cloth can be slid into place.

by: Palmetto Linen