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Friday, October 3, 2014
Decorating any room in the house with lounging furniture, such as a bed, sofa, or chair, provides opportunities to consider a variety of accent pillows. What is an accent pillow? It is a pillow of any size, shape, or weight that is used more for cosmetic than resting purposes, although it can be used for both.

An accent pillow may serve as a coordinated accessory to a bedroom's decorative furnishings. The pillow may be covered in the same fabric as the bedspread or drapes or in material that contrasts or coordinates smoothly with the room's dominant color scheme. For example, if the bedspread has a red poppy design, the accent pillow may be covered in the same fabric or simply with the same shade of red as the poppies in the bedspread. Different from standard bed pillows, accent pillows may take different shapes or sizes to add emphasis to the bedspread or a bedroom chair.

A similar approach to using accent pillows is often found in living rooms or family rooms. Chairs, day beds, and sofas or loveseats can look more alive with a pop of color afforded by two or more accent pillows. For a strong focal point use contrasting colors in eye catching patterns. Pillows that coordinate with draperies add a decorative touch that is especially distinctive.

When choosing accent pillows, it helps to pay attention to fabrics and design. The pillows may be covered with the same fabric as the bed covering or draperies. Or they can be enclosed in fabric that is different but complementary. Durable pillow fabrics include corduroy, linen, and synthetics, but any fabric will do if the pillows are for decoration only.

Accent pillows may be tossed on the sofa or chairs, or depending on room d├ęcor, strewn about the carpet for relaxation and games. For a useful splash of color or style, an accent pillow is easily purchased or crafted.

by: Palmetto Linen