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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Soft Terry Cloth

Commercial kitchens located in hotels need to purchase quality wholesale kitchen linens in order to save
money. Towels and dishcloths are required by workers to keep items in a kitchen clean enough to pass local health and safety codes. By ordering from a specialty online retailer, managers can have large quantities shipped to any address in the United States. Most hospitality managers have little office time to complete paperwork such as purchase orders. Fortunately, there are easy to shop at websites with an understanding of a large kitchen’s needs. In addition to having low prices on an assortment of sturdy linens, the items are simple to take care of with fast machine washing and drying.

Affordable Everyday Prices

Despite having affordable prices on 100 percent cotton linens, the items are extremely durable to keep a hospitality business’s supply costs within budget. Made of soft taupe or chocolate colored fabric, it is possible to select boxes of nearly 100 pot holders, dishcloths or towels to ensure kitchen staff has the items needed to clean and protect their hands. Commercial kitchen work is fast-paced and strenuous, requiring chefs to grab the handles of pans while cooking. To avoid burn injuries, they require thick and dry pot holders in a square shape. In addition to preventing burns, pot holders must remain soft through multiple launderings in order to wrap around the handles of pans.

Enjoy Free Shipping

Many chefs prefer oven mitts instead of pot holders to protect both sides of their hands while lifting and carrying pots. Wholesale kitchen linens made of soft terry cloth are requested by employees because the materials are absorbent to help complete cleaning tasks quickly. After using terry cloth dishcloths, the cotton fibers dry easily without developing foul odors. No matter if the dishcloths are used in the kitchen or dining room to wash objects, the fabric hides stains due to the dark or light brown color of the materials. With sturdy quilted stitching or a popcorn weave, the linens from a wholesaler offer the best value with free shipping and handling.

by: Palmetto Linen