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Friday, November 14, 2014
The holidays are the time to make everything bright and new, and a good way to do that is to refresh bedding for holiday guests. Many people nowadays prefer microfiber sheets. Here are some tips on what they are and what to look for when buying them.

Microfiber is a material that has very thin fibers, often finer than silk fibers. The most common types of microfiber are nylon and polyester. The material is meant to be lightweight for comfort, but is actually very durable.

The thickness of cotton sheets is measured in thread count. But the thickness of microfiber sheets is measured in both thread count and gsm, or grams per square meter. A higher gsm number means the sheets have more fibers, and are thicker and softer.

When buying microfiber sheets, consider both the gsm and the thread count. Microfiber sheets come in 92 gsm, 110 gsm, and 125 gsm. The cost increases with the gsm, the most expensive being the 125 gsm sheets, because they contain more material. The 125 gsm sheets are also brushed to make them softer; they're the softest grade of microfiber sheet. However, the 92 and 110 gsm sheets are also soft, and can be more economical. Also, some people prefer the lighter feel of 92 and 110 gsm sheets. Look for microfiber sheets with a thread count of 1200 to 1600. This also means the sheets are softer.

Some advantages of microfiber sheets are that they're breathable and comfortable because their fibers are so small. They're less expensive than cotton sheets, and are wrinkle resistant. They're machine washable and dry in 30% less time than cotton sheets; the manufacturers do suggest using a dryer sheet, since they tend to attract static electricity. Microfiber sheets also last longer than cotton sheets. Like cotton sheets, they're available in twin, queen, and king size, and with pillowcases. They wick away moisture, so they're especially comfortable in warm climates.

Microfiber sheets are a soft and cozy bedding upgrade that your guests will enjoy during the busy holiday season. 

by: Palmetto Linen