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Saturday, November 29, 2014
It's often activities such as painting, changing the lighting and replacing wall art and other decorative items in the room that come to mind when a bedroom updating project is mentioned. There are some additional and simpler changes that can update a bedroom and at the same time increase the comfort level of the room.

Typically the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Therefore updating the bedding so that it is consistent with current fabric types, patterns and colors can transform the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Of course, appearance is only one aspect to consider in the bedroom. The bedroom should be furnished and designed to encourage relaxation and provide the maximum amount of comfort. With that thought in mind, pillows can play an important role in the updated design.

Updating one room often leads to the updating of other rooms. This seems to be especially true when it comes to bedrooms. Buying bulk pillows is an affordable and practical way to update the pillows in the master bedroom, kid's room and guest bedroom. Buying in bulk can provide a sufficient number of pillows to elevate the comfort level of each bed. There can be enough pillows tossed on the bed to create a cocoon to relax in while reading or watching television. This is a luxury that adults and children can enjoy and appreciate.

Updating a bedroom with environmentally friendly pillows is both a trendy and beneficial step to take. Pillows made from recycled plastic bottles fit perfectly into an active family's eco-friendly lifestyle. As a bonus, this type of pillow, unlike most other pillows, is washable.

Some updates to a bedroom are chosen for their practicality rather than for their aesthetic benefit. Items such as pillow protectors are a practical update that can extend the usability of the pillows. Pillow protectors are quite handy in a kid's bedroom and in a bedroom where pets are given the freedom to lounge on the bed.

by: Palmetto Linen