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Friday, November 7, 2014
What Is A Coverlet?

Simply put, a coverlet is a shortened bedspread. It is lightweight and usually non-reversible to show off the intricate patterning on the side to be seen. A coverlet covers the surface of a bed, but does not have the length that a bedspread does. It drapes down just barely past the box spring of the bed.

It is used to cover the top of the bed and does not incorporate a pillow tuck. A coverlet can be used on top of a standard bedspread to add extra character to the decor. Sometimes shams can be purchased or made to match the coverlet, if desired. The entire idea of a coverlet is mostly for aesthetic reasons.

History Of The Coverlet

The word coverlet has been around since the eighteenth century. Practically every community had people weaving coverlets from yarn using looms as weaving machines. The material used was twill. It was dyed and woven into single layer coverlets. Indigo was the main color used at the time, along with a deep red or a dark brown. Light blue was also popular.

At the end of the nineteenth century, coverlet weavers started incorporating patterns into the finished product. Some coverlets were double layer, with separate colors on each side. These were called winter-summer coverlets because you could switch from a darker color to a lighter one depending on the season. Coverlets started being made from more sophisticated machinery in the late 1820's.

Today's Coverlets

The coverlets of today are made from twill, cotton, cotton blend or microfiber blends. They can be quilted and come in a variety of colors and patterns to match the bedroom decor. They are used more and more in homes as a decorative extra for the bedroom.

Coverlets are not limited to using on the bed. A coverlet can be used as a throw on a chair or couch to use on a cold-winter night. Coverlets help spruce up an area by using the material and patterning to please the eye. They double as a visual pleasure and a smart choice for adding a layer of warmth.

by: Palmetto Linen