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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A good massage at a luxury spa is a very pleasant and invigorating experience. A good rhythmic rubdown relaxes the body and mind. People of all ages benefit from this very therapeutic and relaxing technique that is used on the body. However, the key to providing a really relaxing massage begins with the right massage equipment. A luxury massage requires a professional luxury massage table and luxury massage sheets that are top quality.

Massage therapist use several massage techniques to soothe, comfort, relax, and heal their clients. Some messages use gentle kneading movements to relax the body. Others target sore muscles or try to stretch the muscles in the body. However, all those massage techniques have one very important thing in common. They require a luxury massage table and luxury massage sheets to place the client in the ultimate sense of relaxation.

Luxury Sheets
Many people wonder about the quality of the sheets. Why spend extra money on luxury grade sheets. After all, just about any old sheet would probably fit the massage table. Well, the fact is that the person on the massage table is the first to notice the difference. Quality sheets are made out of microfiber and very soft to the touch. Compare them with regular grade sheets that are harsh and rough on the skin. The material is high quality, durable, and is very easy to clean. In the long run, this should actually cut costs.

Luxury Massages
The fact is that the top spas only use the best luxury tables. They are manufactured and crafted out of high grade material that is suited for the luxury spas. Every spa table should be fitted with only the best quality wholesale sheets. Adding quality sheets enhances the massage experience for the client. The extra splurge on the best wholesale sheets is definitely recommended for spa's with luxury minded clientele.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Order Affordable Bed-and-Breakfast Supplies
Anyone operating a bed-and-breakfast for overnight guests needs to have affordably priced towels, dishcloths and potholders. Operating lodging houses is a great way to earn money in areas with many tourist attractions, but maintaining a profit is often difficult. The owners of a bed-and-breakfast establishment must find ways to save money on everyday items used to prepare meals. Fortunately, there are online stores that sell affordable wholesale kitchen linens with the additional benefit of free shipping throughout the United States.

Easy to Wash and Dry
In addition to needing a large quantity of dishcloths and towels to wash cookware in a bed-and-breakfast’s kitchen, the items require easy laundering to maintain an available supply. All overnight lodging businesses are inspected by health departments that make sure the towels and dishcloths are sanitized properly to protect people from bacteria and viruses. Fabric items are washed and dried at high temperatures in industrial-strength washers and dryers to remove and destroy debris to avoid contaminating dishes and cutlery.

Simple Linen Ordering Process
This means that potholders and towels must withstand multiple washings without degrading to avoid wasting money on supplies needed for the bed-and-breakfast. Wholesale kitchen linens must dry quickly inside electric appliances or on clotheslines without developing stiffness or an odor. Stores that provide products for the hospitality industry understand the needs of the businesses, leading to having items that are extremely durable in addition to having a lower cost. Ordering a larger quantity of items that are shipped at once from an online store makes shopping a fast process for the owners of a busy bed-and-breakfast.

Attractive Linens are required

Guests at a bed-and-breakfast also want to see attractive items in the dining room and kitchen. Bed-and-breakfast managers should have an assortment of towels and dishcloths that look spotless when washing tables or dishes. Selecting dishcloths, towels and potholders in basic colors such as taupe or brown ensures that the items match any kitchen’s décor. With hemmed edges and sturdy stitching, these 100 percent cotton potholders, towels and dishcloths are designed to last for several years.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Potholders and towels are two things that are in every restaurant kitchen. They are used by all kitchen workers at some point during the day. Kitchens need a constant supply of these items to run successfully. It is important to know why restaurants need wholesale kitchen towels and potholders.

Reduce Costs

One of the main reasons restaurants should be buying kitchen towels and potholders wholesale is to reduce costs. Buying the towels and potholders individually through retailers or local kitchen supply stores can be very expensive. The retail markups can increase the overhead in the kitchen by a significant amount every year. Wholesale dealers make it possible to buy entire cases at greatly reduced prices often with free shipping. The result is a smaller budget for the kitchen in the restaurant.

Always Have Extra

Restaurant kitchens are busy places. Equipment, utensils and supplies are put to the test every day. These items must endure more use under harsher conditions than what is found in a typical home kitchen. This means the towels and potholders will wear down fast over time. Restaurants never want to be caught in a situation where there are no towels available. Purchasing wholesale kitchen towels and potholders will ensure there are always extras in the kitchen to replace anything that is damaged or worn.

Have Enough for Every Worker and Pot

Towels are an important part of any restaurant kitchen because they keep surfaces, hands and utensils sanitary and clean. Potholders are also incredibly important because they keep everyone safe from burns. Potholders are frequently placed on handles and pots to indicate the item is hot and should not be touched. Keeping enough towels and potholders for every task can be difficult. Ordering wholesale towels and potholders for a kitchen will ensure there are always enough available for every worker and pot.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The wholesale towels and potholders that are available are made from 100 percent cotton. The items are well made and durable. They are easy to maintain and clean over time. The towels and potholders can be cleaned in a commercial washer and dryer. They will last for a long time even with intense use. This allows restaurant kitchens to get the most out of every pot holder and towel.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One of the easiest ways to refresh a bedroom is to start with the basics. Professional decorators know that secret. It all starts with bed linens. Jazz a bedroom up with the right type of bedding line or, create a luxurious Parisian escape with the perfect selection of bedding. Usually style, comfort, and price are the top considerations, when purchasing bed linens. However, purchasing bed linens wholesale online is one way to save money. Let's take a closer look.

Often, a consumer will enter a store with the intent to purchase bed linens. However, they might not realize that there are literally thousands of types of material to consider. Understanding the types of fabrics and materials available will prepare the consumer to make the best decision.

Linen Types
Cotton material is very popular. In fact, the majority of sheets are made out of this material. Many consumers prefer cotton because it is widely available and lower in price than other more luxurious materials. Egyptian cotton is at the top of the list. It is the ultimate in luxury and fine material. Other lower quality sheets are also worth noting for those that are on a budget.

Silk is the ultimate in luxury. Consumers that visited high-end hotels have probably experienced the luxury, softness, and beauty of silk sheets. Silk sheets are a wonderful way to add elegance to a boring bedroom decor.

Polyester linen is a great alternative and available in a wide range of colors and designs. Polyester is very tough and easy to maintain.

Blends are another great choice for those looking for high quality, durability, and luxury bed linen. The blends might include silk, cotton, and polyester in a number of combinations. Certainly, the consumer should take all this information into consideration before they make their next bed linens wholesale purchase.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whether a person does a lot of entertaining at their home or has been put in charge of ordering the restroom supplies at work; the question of hand towels in important to consider. Many individuals and businesses are moving away from disposable towels due to concerns about excessive waste, and decorative towels can quickly be destroyed by normal use. Electric hand dryers may not be a viable option in many settings. Bulk white hand towels are an excellent solution for nearly all private homes and businesses.

Easy to Match and Replenish
With white towels, there is no concern about matching new towels to the older ones. For businesses that rely on a clean, uniform appearance, such as hotels and fine dining eateries, this can be a major cost-cutting measure. Only stained towels will need to be discarded, and new towels will be indistinguishable from older ones that have been properly laundered.

Easy on the Environment
For people and businesses who take a commitment to the environment seriously, disposable options are not good. Not only can they wind up all over the floor of the restroom, they add up to an enormous amount of waste. Properly laundered hand towels can be used over and over again until new ones are needed. Hand towels that are no longer nice enough for their intended purpose; can then be used by kitchen staff or donated as rags to an arts center, child care facility or mechanic shop. The ability to reuse the towels repeatedly makes them easy on the environment.

No Noise Pollution
Electric hand dryers are popular in public spaces such as shopping malls and bus stations, mainly because they produce no waste. However, they also put out enormous amounts of noise, ranging from that of a vacuum cleaner to that of a departing commercial jet. Many businesses and private citizens who like to entertain will find them far too loud to consider as a serious alternative to providing towels. This is an important consideration for those who don't want excessive noise in their establishment or home.

When it comes to offering guests a clean and well-presented bathroom, bulk white hand towels are an excellent choice. Environmentally friendly, low cost and easily replenished, they are perfect for businesses and private homes where entertaining is common.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, December 19, 2014

Microfiber massage sheets are the perfect addition for any individual going through massage therapy. That's because this product has a feel that delivers comfort to all those who need it. In fact, these sheets are known to feel like a 400 thread count all cotton sheet. The best part is, that while those cotton sheets might cost a pretty penny, these massage sheets are completely inexpensive.

Microfiber sheets are an affordable way of delivering individuals the massage therapy they need to get their body feeling back to normal again. However, money isn't the only reason that the public are opting for these sheets. The microfiber sheets are also proven to launder very well. Actually, they have been seen to dry roughly 30% faster than those sheets made out of a cotton blend. Thanks to this, individuals are not only saving themselves time, but also money. That's because people won't have to leave their dryers working as long as before. That will save them energy costs as well as the energy itself. This is a win win situation all around.

Additionally microfiber massage sheets are clean and comfortable. That means they do not attract dirt and debris like some sheets tend to. They are also soft to the touch so individuals won't mind being wrapped up in one of these sheets. Typically the microfiber sheets rank in at a measure of 64 inches wide by 100 inches long. This allows the massage sheet to properly cover the clients from head to toe, no matter what size they are. However, there are also shorter or longer massage sheets available if needed. These massage sheets are even sold in wholesale, to make this whole transaction more accommodating for consumers and massage therapists.

These massage sheets are truly ideal for those people who need to relax and unwind. Whether a client needs this for their massage therapy practice or simply for home use, microfiber sheets will bring out real results in those who use it. They are a high quality item that is always soft to the touch, making it a must have.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

These days, no one wants to spend a fortune to stock their linen closet with high-end wash cloths intended for everyday use. Instead, many savvy consumers are choosing to purchase white washcloths in bulk and saving their more expensive and decorative linens for display or special occasions. This not only saves money - it also saves time and adds versatility to products purchased. Here's how:

The Financial Savings

The biggest advantage is the ability to buy in bulk for extra savings. Purchasing wash cloths one at a time in department or even discount stores can be quite expensive, especially for consumers buying more than a few at a time. In bulk, the per-item cost drops considerably and satisfies the need for wash cloths for a long time to come. Since the cost of pure cotton fluctuates considerably, this can be an even more dramatic savings than the buyer even realizes, should prices skyrocket.

The Ease of Care

Plus, unlike dyed cloths, white wash cloths can be easily bleached to keep them at maximum whiteness and to get rid of bacteria that might survive being laundered in detergent alone. This can also extend their usable lifespan by preventing stains from setting into the cloth. They can seem to last forever, or at least much longer than their more delicate colored counterparts.

Greater Versatility of Use

Bulk white wash cloths are good for more than just scrubbing in the bath or shower or washing one's face in the morning. They can be used for a host of other things, saving on purchasing spacial cloths for these jobs. Many people use them to wipe down the kitchen or bathroom counters, for instance. They are also great for washing the family dog or drying his face. Others use the cloths for more detailed cleaning work, like cleaning the interior of their car or shining the tires. Some craftsmen use them as shop towels. Their potential is nearly endless!

Clearly, buying white washcloths in bulk has plenty of advantages over other products and ways to purchase. Bulk is a great way to get them without the need to sacrifice their quality, durability, or usefulness.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Learning how to wash a comforter set correctly is worth the effort. Instructions on the set may say,”dry clean only;” however, washing may be a viable option.

A comforter set is cumbersome to wash because it will absorb a lot of water. One option is by machine. A front loading, extra -large machine is best. Consider a Laundromat where super-size machines are available.

A second option is to wash the set by hand. This is hard work,prepare to get wet. Fill the tub with warm water and a mild detergent. Step into the tub. Tromp around on the comforter until the water is dirty. Empty the tub, refill with clean water, tromp, empty, refill until the water remains clean.

Whichever method is used, select the correct soap or detergent for the type of comforter set. Use one-fourth of the amount recommended for a regular load of laundry. Be careful with down comforters. Harsh detergents strip natural oils from feathers in a down comforter. After machine washing, an extra rinse cycle will assure all soap has been removed. Use an extra spin cycle if possible.

When washing by hand, getting the water out will be difficult. The comforter will be heavy. Squeeze out as much water as possible. Hang over a shower wall, over a clothesline, or chairs outside. Let dry for several hours until it is just damp. Place in a large capacity dryer with a few clean tennis balls to aid in fluffing. Check the lint trap to be sure it is clean. Use a low heat setting and check frequently to rearrange to insure all parts are getting dry. Be sure there are no damp spots remaining. Do not use a small dryer. The comforter may block the venting causing damage to the dryer.

If a Laundromat dryer is used, select the lowest heat setting. Periodically remove the comforter and hand-fluff to insure thorough drying.Either method will prevent the comforter from harsh dry-cleaning chemicals and provide a fresh, clean bed covering.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, December 12, 2014

A mattress pad can be a great addition to your bedroom collection. They offer an additional layer of comfort that many look for after dealing with years of back pain and substandard mattresses.

The type of mattress pad you purchase will ultimately depend on your specific needs. The best mattress pad is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years.

Mattress Pads to Increase Comfort

Consumers with back problems or who have trouble sleeping need a way to ease their pain. Memory foam mattress pads are the perfect solution.

These types of mattress pads conform to your pressure points in order to alleviate any type of pain you may experience throughout the night. These are an affordable alternative to full memory foam mattresses.

Mattress Pads for Allergies

If you have allergies and are extremely sensitive to the materials you use, stick to a mattress pad that is made of anti-microbial materials. The tightly woven fabric that make up these mattress pads act as a layer of protection between you and harmful germs or dust mites.

Mattress Pads to Protect from Moisture
Whether you're prone to eating and spilling in bed or have a child that has bladder control issues, choose a mattress pad that protects against moisture and liquids.

These types of mattress pads include a special polyurethane film that help protect it from liquids. These types of mattress pads are also very easy to clean.

If you're just looking to protect your mattress, a simple cotton mattress pad will do. Normal cotton mattress pads often have loops on all four corners that allows them to fit over mattresses of any size.

The best mattress pad will vary depending on your physical and sleeping needs. If you're simply looking for a mattress pad that provides more comfort, any type will do.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sleep is one of the most important events of every person’s day. Sleeping can offer eight solid hours of relief from the daily grind, allowing you to feel refreshed and invigorated when you wake up in the morning.

While you are asleep, your body is cleansing itself from all of the toxins it has accumulated in the course of the day. During the night, your body produces protein molecules that help strengthen your immune system. This process is especially critical for those who have a stressful lifestyle.

Sleep also helps your cardiovascular system to repair itself. When you are lying down, you give your heart a chance to rest by decreasing the amount of work required to pump blood through your body. Adequate amounts of sleep may help decrease levels of “bad” cholesterol and lessen the chances of developing high blood pressure.

While you are sleeping, your brain process events and problems. Many people experience a feeling of mental fogginess and an inability to focus when they are sleep-deprived. A chronic lack of sleep can lead to emotional meltdowns and mood disorders such as depression.

Although sleep is so important, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest if you lack a comfortable place to lie down. Supportive mattresses are a must to prevent chronic back and neck pain. The next necessary item is a pillow.

Pillows come in various styles, including body pillows, square pillows and king, queen and standard pillows. While some people are advocates of pillow-less sleeping, others recommend that you use a pillow to support your head, neck and spine while you rest. During the day, your head is held in alignment with your neck and spine by muscles and tendons. When you are asleep, these muscles relax, leading to possible strain on your neck. A pillow can help prevent morning stiffness in the neck and back by providing the necessary support for your head while you sleep.

Purchasing pillows does not have to be expensive. Hotel, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. can especially benefit from purchasing cheap pillows in bulk to replenish their supplies when needed. Many of these pillows offer superior support and quality, all at an affordable price.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, December 8, 2014
What Is a Waffle Weave Blanket?
A waffle weave blanket is a blanket that usually goes underneath a larger blanket on a bed, but you can also put a waffle blanket on the couch or a big chair as a throw for when someone gets cold in the living room. These are amazing blankets for any room of the home.

Waffle Blankets as Gifts
Waffle blankets make great gifts for people who like to match the linens in their home. These blankets can be purchased in bulk and distributed amongst friends and family members. Everyone from college students and working people to retired folks and people in nursing homes will love these blankets. They are always a successful gift.

Buying Waffle Blankets in Bulk
Many hotels schools and other establishments need to buy linens in bulk. Waffle blankets make great additions to any hotel room or dormitory because they are soft, comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. They come in a range of beautiful colors, and buying in bulk can save you a ton of money on them. You can choose from white, off-white, tan and gray. Each of the blankets has a soft, plush feel, yet they all hold up amazingly well to stains, washings and dryings. You will not need to iron these amazing blankets.

Sizes for Waffle Blankets
There are three sizes to choose from with the waffle weave blankets. First, there is the twin size. This size fits twin beds. When purchasing the twin size waffle blankets in bulk, you will receive 6 blankets per case. There is also the full and queen size. These waffle blankets fit both full and queen size beds. There are four blankets in each one of these cases. Finally, there are the king size blankets. These come with four blankets in each case.

Those who are interested in purchasing these blankets should order them as soon as possible because they are being sold at record speed. Go online to learn more about these blankets and to see photos of their beautiful quality. You can even purchase several sets and keep them for gifts in the future!

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, December 5, 2014
When creating a bedroom look that is both elegant and finished, a bed skirt is a fantastic accessory. It covers up unsightly metal legs that are out of place in a traditional bedroom; it hides the boxes under the bed, and it offers a matched counterpoint to the comforter used on the bed. However, while a bed skirt might look amazing, it always seems that when one is placed on the bed, it wrinkles. How can a homeowner prevent this from occurring?
First, simply begin by purchasing a bed skirt of the correct size. When learning how to put on a bed skirt, it is essential to have the right tools. Too many people assume that a bed skirt is one size fits all, when the truth is that a bed skirt operates much the way that a fitted sheet does.
To get the best look for a bed skirt, make sure that an iron used on it before it is placed. An iron makes installing the bed skirt a lot simpler, and it also creates a look that is simply more polished. No matter what the accents or decor of the room is, a pressed and ironed bed skirt is a good choice.Take a moment to lift the mattress off and to set it aside. It may be a good idea to flip and rotate the mattress as well at this time, which keeps it comfortable and supportive.
Place the bed skirt on the box spring, arranging it neatly.
For the next part, having two people around is necessary. Now lift the mattress and set it gently on top of the box spring, sandwiching the bed skirt between the two. When doing this, do not drag the mattress on top of the bed skirt, as this will make it wrinkle and ride up. Instead, place the mattress on top, allowing everything to stay correctly positioned and neat.After the mattress is on top of the bed skirt, dug at the bed skirt's edges gently until the bed skirt is situated neatly where it should be.
A bed skirt is a great way to give a bedroom a polished look!

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Bath rugs are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom, whether the aesthetic that is being sought is simple and elegant or traditional and grand. However, the issue with bath rugs is that they get grimy and dirty just like anything else, and after a certain amount of time, they will need to be cleaned up.

When looking for a good cleaning schedule for bath rugs, in general, washing the rugs at least every two weeks to every month is a good option. This time frame will depend on how many people are in the house, and out of those people, how many use the bathroom in question. Frequent washings prevent the rug from looking too worn over time.

A bath that simply feels a little gritty or dull can often simply be shaken out. The rug should be taken outside and shaken vigorously until all of the acquired sediment flies out into the air. If a rug beater is available, hanging the rug over the line and then striking it firmly and repeatedly can make a big difference to how the rug looks.

Another way to get a bath rug clean, especially if it is not too soiled, is to simply hang it outside on a sunny day. The sun and ozone help remove old odors from the rug, and in a matter of hours, it can feel quite fresh and clean.

Bath rugs with rubber backings can be washed in the laundry machine, but care must be taken. The rug should be arranged in the basin as evenly as possible, and if necessary, towels can be tossed into balance the load. After that, the bath rug can be washed on the most delicate setting.

Woven bath rugs are easier to wash, but the best option available is to look for microfiber rugs that are just as thick and comfortable as the other varieties but are much easier to handle when it comes to washing. Microfiber is incredibly tough and wonderfully flexible, meaning that it can go into the washing machine without any issues at all.

Learning How to Wash Bath Rugs is easy, and it makes for a brighter feel in the bathroom.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, December 1, 2014
There are numerous gift giving occasions that occur throughout the year. Trying to find the perfect gift can sometimes be a little stressful. A simple way to alleviate that stress is to keep a few gifts packed away that can be pulled out, wrapped and given for almost any occasion.
Giving blankets as gifts is an ideal way to please recipients. Buying blankets in bulk is a practical way to build up a supply of gifts to have on hand. On an occasion, such as the holidays, when family gathers to exchange gifts, having identical gifts for siblings or for siblings and their family assures that no favoritism is shown with the gifts that are given.
Light-weight Egyptian cotton blankets can be considered an all-season blanket. For this reason, they would make an ideal birthday gift, wedding gift or housewarming gift any time of the year. They would also be a great graduation gift for someone heading off to college and in need of some basic comfort items. When the temperatures drop, they will appreciate having something warm and comforting to snuggle under.
Choosing gifts for seniors can be difficult. Generally, they have all of the household and kitchen items they need. It can be a challenge to find the right size or style of clothing for someone. A blanket, whether it be a colorful light-weight blanket or a soft, luxurious fleece blanket, is a fantastic gift for an elderly person. They can put it on their bed or keep it draped across a chair to wrap around them any time they get chilly.Buying a few various types of blankets and storing them until a gift-giving occasion comes along is a smart thing to do. It's a sure way to avoid the stress and frustration of last minute shopping.

by: Palmetto Linen