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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whether a person does a lot of entertaining at their home or has been put in charge of ordering the restroom supplies at work; the question of hand towels in important to consider. Many individuals and businesses are moving away from disposable towels due to concerns about excessive waste, and decorative towels can quickly be destroyed by normal use. Electric hand dryers may not be a viable option in many settings. Bulk white hand towels are an excellent solution for nearly all private homes and businesses.

Easy to Match and Replenish
With white towels, there is no concern about matching new towels to the older ones. For businesses that rely on a clean, uniform appearance, such as hotels and fine dining eateries, this can be a major cost-cutting measure. Only stained towels will need to be discarded, and new towels will be indistinguishable from older ones that have been properly laundered.

Easy on the Environment
For people and businesses who take a commitment to the environment seriously, disposable options are not good. Not only can they wind up all over the floor of the restroom, they add up to an enormous amount of waste. Properly laundered hand towels can be used over and over again until new ones are needed. Hand towels that are no longer nice enough for their intended purpose; can then be used by kitchen staff or donated as rags to an arts center, child care facility or mechanic shop. The ability to reuse the towels repeatedly makes them easy on the environment.

No Noise Pollution
Electric hand dryers are popular in public spaces such as shopping malls and bus stations, mainly because they produce no waste. However, they also put out enormous amounts of noise, ranging from that of a vacuum cleaner to that of a departing commercial jet. Many businesses and private citizens who like to entertain will find them far too loud to consider as a serious alternative to providing towels. This is an important consideration for those who don't want excessive noise in their establishment or home.

When it comes to offering guests a clean and well-presented bathroom, bulk white hand towels are an excellent choice. Environmentally friendly, low cost and easily replenished, they are perfect for businesses and private homes where entertaining is common.

by: Palmetto Linen