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Friday, December 5, 2014
When creating a bedroom look that is both elegant and finished, a bed skirt is a fantastic accessory. It covers up unsightly metal legs that are out of place in a traditional bedroom; it hides the boxes under the bed, and it offers a matched counterpoint to the comforter used on the bed. However, while a bed skirt might look amazing, it always seems that when one is placed on the bed, it wrinkles. How can a homeowner prevent this from occurring?
First, simply begin by purchasing a bed skirt of the correct size. When learning how to put on a bed skirt, it is essential to have the right tools. Too many people assume that a bed skirt is one size fits all, when the truth is that a bed skirt operates much the way that a fitted sheet does.
To get the best look for a bed skirt, make sure that an iron used on it before it is placed. An iron makes installing the bed skirt a lot simpler, and it also creates a look that is simply more polished. No matter what the accents or decor of the room is, a pressed and ironed bed skirt is a good choice.Take a moment to lift the mattress off and to set it aside. It may be a good idea to flip and rotate the mattress as well at this time, which keeps it comfortable and supportive.
Place the bed skirt on the box spring, arranging it neatly.
For the next part, having two people around is necessary. Now lift the mattress and set it gently on top of the box spring, sandwiching the bed skirt between the two. When doing this, do not drag the mattress on top of the bed skirt, as this will make it wrinkle and ride up. Instead, place the mattress on top, allowing everything to stay correctly positioned and neat.After the mattress is on top of the bed skirt, dug at the bed skirt's edges gently until the bed skirt is situated neatly where it should be.
A bed skirt is a great way to give a bedroom a polished look!

by: Palmetto Linen