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Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Bath rugs are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom, whether the aesthetic that is being sought is simple and elegant or traditional and grand. However, the issue with bath rugs is that they get grimy and dirty just like anything else, and after a certain amount of time, they will need to be cleaned up.

When looking for a good cleaning schedule for bath rugs, in general, washing the rugs at least every two weeks to every month is a good option. This time frame will depend on how many people are in the house, and out of those people, how many use the bathroom in question. Frequent washings prevent the rug from looking too worn over time.

A bath that simply feels a little gritty or dull can often simply be shaken out. The rug should be taken outside and shaken vigorously until all of the acquired sediment flies out into the air. If a rug beater is available, hanging the rug over the line and then striking it firmly and repeatedly can make a big difference to how the rug looks.

Another way to get a bath rug clean, especially if it is not too soiled, is to simply hang it outside on a sunny day. The sun and ozone help remove old odors from the rug, and in a matter of hours, it can feel quite fresh and clean.

Bath rugs with rubber backings can be washed in the laundry machine, but care must be taken. The rug should be arranged in the basin as evenly as possible, and if necessary, towels can be tossed into balance the load. After that, the bath rug can be washed on the most delicate setting.

Woven bath rugs are easier to wash, but the best option available is to look for microfiber rugs that are just as thick and comfortable as the other varieties but are much easier to handle when it comes to washing. Microfiber is incredibly tough and wonderfully flexible, meaning that it can go into the washing machine without any issues at all.

Learning How to Wash Bath Rugs is easy, and it makes for a brighter feel in the bathroom.

by: Palmetto Linen