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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

These days, no one wants to spend a fortune to stock their linen closet with high-end wash cloths intended for everyday use. Instead, many savvy consumers are choosing to purchase white washcloths in bulk and saving their more expensive and decorative linens for display or special occasions. This not only saves money - it also saves time and adds versatility to products purchased. Here's how:

The Financial Savings

The biggest advantage is the ability to buy in bulk for extra savings. Purchasing wash cloths one at a time in department or even discount stores can be quite expensive, especially for consumers buying more than a few at a time. In bulk, the per-item cost drops considerably and satisfies the need for wash cloths for a long time to come. Since the cost of pure cotton fluctuates considerably, this can be an even more dramatic savings than the buyer even realizes, should prices skyrocket.

The Ease of Care

Plus, unlike dyed cloths, white wash cloths can be easily bleached to keep them at maximum whiteness and to get rid of bacteria that might survive being laundered in detergent alone. This can also extend their usable lifespan by preventing stains from setting into the cloth. They can seem to last forever, or at least much longer than their more delicate colored counterparts.

Greater Versatility of Use

Bulk white wash cloths are good for more than just scrubbing in the bath or shower or washing one's face in the morning. They can be used for a host of other things, saving on purchasing spacial cloths for these jobs. Many people use them to wipe down the kitchen or bathroom counters, for instance. They are also great for washing the family dog or drying his face. Others use the cloths for more detailed cleaning work, like cleaning the interior of their car or shining the tires. Some craftsmen use them as shop towels. Their potential is nearly endless!

Clearly, buying white washcloths in bulk has plenty of advantages over other products and ways to purchase. Bulk is a great way to get them without the need to sacrifice their quality, durability, or usefulness.

by: Palmetto Linen