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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Order Affordable Bed-and-Breakfast Supplies
Anyone operating a bed-and-breakfast for overnight guests needs to have affordably priced towels, dishcloths and potholders. Operating lodging houses is a great way to earn money in areas with many tourist attractions, but maintaining a profit is often difficult. The owners of a bed-and-breakfast establishment must find ways to save money on everyday items used to prepare meals. Fortunately, there are online stores that sell affordable wholesale kitchen linens with the additional benefit of free shipping throughout the United States.

Easy to Wash and Dry
In addition to needing a large quantity of dishcloths and towels to wash cookware in a bed-and-breakfast’s kitchen, the items require easy laundering to maintain an available supply. All overnight lodging businesses are inspected by health departments that make sure the towels and dishcloths are sanitized properly to protect people from bacteria and viruses. Fabric items are washed and dried at high temperatures in industrial-strength washers and dryers to remove and destroy debris to avoid contaminating dishes and cutlery.

Simple Linen Ordering Process
This means that potholders and towels must withstand multiple washings without degrading to avoid wasting money on supplies needed for the bed-and-breakfast. Wholesale kitchen linens must dry quickly inside electric appliances or on clotheslines without developing stiffness or an odor. Stores that provide products for the hospitality industry understand the needs of the businesses, leading to having items that are extremely durable in addition to having a lower cost. Ordering a larger quantity of items that are shipped at once from an online store makes shopping a fast process for the owners of a busy bed-and-breakfast.

Attractive Linens are required

Guests at a bed-and-breakfast also want to see attractive items in the dining room and kitchen. Bed-and-breakfast managers should have an assortment of towels and dishcloths that look spotless when washing tables or dishes. Selecting dishcloths, towels and potholders in basic colors such as taupe or brown ensures that the items match any kitchen’s décor. With hemmed edges and sturdy stitching, these 100 percent cotton potholders, towels and dishcloths are designed to last for several years.

by: Palmetto Linen