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Friday, January 30, 2015
Large gatherings are a fun way to spend time at home or with friends and loved ones. Many times baking is a large part of what will be served to guests. Baking, especially when only small cookie sheets are available, can be a time consuming activity. Buying wholesale cookie sheets which are larger and non-stick can make it easier to produce more baked goods with less work.

Cookies are a wonderful way to celebrate many events. Birthday parties and family fun nights are made even more memorable with cookies. Unfortunately it takes time to keep popping trays of cookies into and out of the oven. In today's fast paced world this can limit baking time. With large sheets the time can be reduced for a more relaxed baking experience for the baker with more time spent on fun.

Holiday baking has become nearly non-existent for many. Today most households have a two family income and time is limited. Bringing back old fashioned baked cookies and treats for the holidays is easier if such items are purchased as wholesale cookie sheets. These large sheets will bake more cookies with less time spent at the oven. They will enable the time it takes to do the holiday baking while maintaining a hectic schedule.

When finding time to cook during the week is difficult large baking sheets can add time to any schedule. Baking is healthier for many meals and can replace fried foods. Using large cookies sheets means baking a meal for the entire family may be done all at once. This will cut down on cooking time and cleaning time, especially with non-stick cookie sheets.

Today's world is fast paced and time for baking and enjoyment at gatherings is important. Using large cookie sheets are an excellent way to get both baking and cooking done with a minimum of time for a maximum amount of enjoyment with loved ones and friends.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Create a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

A soft but supportive luxury hotel pillow in a home’s master bedroom helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere when it is time to sleep at night. Many individuals forget to replace the pillows on their bed every couple of years to provide firm support for the head and neck to avoid aches and pains. Bedding collects a lot of dust and debris that floats through a home or rubs off a sleeper’s body. While most people wash bed linens frequently, it is impossible to wash most pillows without the items becoming lumpy and useless. Because bed pillows are expensive items to purchase, finding a way to order in bulk is essential to save money.

Have Impeccably Clean Bedding

Businesses such as bed-and-breakfasts, medical facilities and hotels also require numerous quality pillows for guests’ rooms. Ordering bedding at an online store that offers free shipping in the continental United States is vital to maintain a hospitality business’s profits. Guests expect impeccably clean bedding that has been sanitized before their arrival. Washable luxury hotel pillows are available that are stuffed with environmentally friendly polyester fiber fill instead of down that causes allergic reactions. With a stylish 100 percent cotton cover, this pillow is perfect for any hospitality business. Not only is it washable, it is simple to place in a clothes dryer to have it ready quickly for new guests.

Order Bedding at Wholesale Prices

Busy homeowners and hospitality business managers need to order large cases of products to save time. Online retailers make it easy to shop for bed pillows by offering cases of 10 in basic sizes suitable for any size mattress. Attractive pillowcases slide easily over the smooth fabric surface of well made pillows, making it easy for housekeepers to prepare a bed for the next guest in either a home or hotel. To maintain local health standards in a business, have many clean pillows ready at all times. In private residences, having a sanitized pillow can prevent having allergic reactions such as stuffy noses or frequent sneezing.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Wholesale colorful blankets are the perfect touch to guest suites in homes, timeshares, bed and breakfast proprietorships, and for those numerous memory-making sleepovers children host. Beautifully woven and whisper soft 100 percent Egyptian cotton blankets make any overnight or special event a delightful stay.

Homes Away From Home
Layered beneath a spread or folded across the foot of the bed and ready to pull up for a nap, lightweight blankets are practical pretty for year-round comfort. If we happen to also be friends or family with our timeshare partners, what a fun surprise to leave stacks of these where everyone can enjoy them as they come and go. Sweet sixteen sleepovers and camp outs will be a breeze with enough blankets to go around. When we host visitors like foreign exchange students and missionaries, tucking into their belongings a spare blanket we've kept in the linen closet continues to delight them when they return home.

Outdoor Gatherings
Special events and celebrations may find us meeting or taking guests with us to an outdoor concert, fireworks display, or picnicking. Forest campfires or beach bonfires surrounded with laughter and camaraderie can feel chilly in windy weather, but everyone will feel a warm welcome with plenty of blankets.

Colorful Blankets Bring Comfort During Tough Times Too
Not all guests are away from home by choice. They may be staying in hospitals or charity accommodations while caring for a loved one receiving treatment. Imagine how touched they will be to receive a blanket to settle into as they wait bedside. Where disaster wipes out entire communities, caring for people whose difficult circumstances touch us where we live makes them our guests from a distance, and discounts from buying bulk make it affordable to give generously to shelters and relief aid organizations.

The simplicity of solid colors complements any decor or theme. Splashes of brightly colored fabrics are the fluff vivid memories are made of. Patches of pastels bring soothing calm to a tired body and soul. Wholesale colorful blankets let you delight your guests during their stay and continue when they leave should you wish to send one with them.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, January 26, 2015
The style of comforter set in used in a bedroom is often the highlight of that room. Roommates sharing a bedroom may want to use matching comforter sets. Doing this will make a room more warm and inviting. Using sets that don't match can throw off the color scheme of the room and make it unappealing.

People who are sharing a room will need to decide what each likes as everyone has different tastes when it comes to furnishing a room. Some people like loud, bright colors while other prefer soft, relaxing hues. This can be a major conflict. However, a compromise can be reached and the best result may be to decorate the bedding with matching comforter sets. It is possible to combine each person's styles and tastes to create an environment that is pleasing to all who are sharing a room.

The temporary housing industry, such as hotels, often use matching sets. Obviously, the bedding set would need to be changed and laundered often so this would make matching sets beneficial and more convenient. The material would need to be sturdy and be able to withstand several washings. It would also need to be appealing to the person staying in the room. It would be unusual to use a hotel room with two beds and comforter sets that did not match. And, it would not be pleasing to the eye. Hotels have a need to create an image. Often, that image is associated with the look and feel of the rooms. If the rooms are not properly decorated and contain mismatched comforter sets, it will make the hotel seem cheap and, perhaps, even unclean. A room with matching bedding is much more elegant than a room that has different bedding on each bed.

So, it is important to keep in mind, whether it is roommates that need to come up with a compromise on comforter sets, or it is a hotel, a room will flow much better if the comforter sets are matching.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, January 23, 2015
An incredible number of business owners in the hospitality field have strong opinions about certain amenities. These opinions are formed from guest feedback concerning the way an establishment is managed. Without a doubt, it's the little details which contribute to guest satisfaction.

There is a delicate balance between budgeting, and providing for guest demands. A common item cited in positive hospitality reviews is clean washcloths. There is nothing more off-putting for a guest than to have a shortage of linens. Consequently, abundant linens are the reason for guests returning to an establishment.

The answer is finding a source for wholesale washcloths that fall within budget, satisfy guest requirements, and contribute to the overall ambiance. Washcloths should be afforded to each guest in abundance, yet their quality should allow for effective laundering and reuse. Skimping on fresh and absorbent washcloths is a sure indicator to guests that true hospitality might not be the main goal of business. Wholesale products like fine spun cotton washcloths are one of those little details which communicates appreciation for patronage.

At least three washcloths should be afforded to each guest for every day that they stay. The freedom to stay clean and dry is one of the hallmarks of a popular hotel, or inn. Along with the investment of quality washcloths, soiled laundry compartments should also be provided. It is proven that linens thrown on a floor for pick-up, or strewn about randomly, will have a shorter lifespan than those collected in a convenient hamper. The secret to treating guests well is making them feel at home. Guests should be provided with quality amenities and every opportunity to use them in a considerate manner.

Wholesale linens are purchased in bulk sizes and prices. This allows a business owner to extend more washcloths, and other room features, more generously. Guests appreciate not having to change their personal habits. An abundance of wholesale linens will ensure their comfort. Bulk wholesale linens and washcloths should only cost pennies, and come in cases of 300 hundred or more.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, January 16, 2015

When you travel, it is common to bring back souvenirs and cameras full of photos. However, you don't plan on bringing back bedbugs. Although they may be hard to see, they can attach to your clothes and other luggage and hitch a ride with you back home. The good news is that you can get peace of mind with bed bug covers for traveling.

Encase Everything You Lay Your Body On
You can wrap your hotel pillows in a bed bug cover, your mattress with a bedbug cover and your box spring with a bedbug cover. This enables you to rest comfortably knowing that your body is not going to come into contact with bedbugs, which can cause you to itch and develop red marks on your skin. They can also exasperate any breathing issues that you may have.

You Never Know How Clean Your Sleeping Quarters Are
Even if your sheets and pillowcases have been cleaned, you can't be sure that your mattress or box spring has been cleaned recently. When you stay at a hotel, you can't guarantee that anything has been cleaned properly. Despite their best efforts, the bed that your friend or family member offers you to sleep on could have bedbugs whether that person realizes it or not.

Bedbugs Spread Quickly
A bedbug cover can ensure that an infestation does not occur if bedbugs have gotten into your mattress. Once they enter the mattress or box spring, they cannot exit after the cover has been put on. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your family getting sick or having them spread from your home to someone else's house if you were to bring them back after a trip.

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself and your family while on vacation. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business, the last thing that you want is to bring home uninvited guests. With the proper covering, you can reduce or eliminate the possibility of having bed bugs ruin your trip.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whether the organization in need is a hotel, a shelter, a foster home or care facility, every knows that pillowcases are important. They may seem small and unimportant, but for someone who is going to be resting their head on them, they are quite an essential detail! The truth is that a pillowcase implies comfort and care. Sleeping without one on a bare pillow can be irritating and just one more reminder that this bed is not home. When looking to supply pillowcases for a certain space, keep a few things in mind.

First, remember that bulk pillowcases are key. When purchased in bulk, pillowcases do not need to be more than two dollars, if that. This is significantly less than they would be if they were purchased individually, and this typically comes at no cost to utility or appearance at all. For many people, a plain pillowcase is just fine, and when a pillowcase is offered, it is a source of immediate comfort.

When considering a large order of pillowcases, simply remember the size. It does no one any good to have a large number of pillowcases that are too large or small for the pillows in question after all! Measure one of the pillows to ensure what size is called for and purchase accordingly.

It is also worth looking to see what the pillowcases are made of. While polyester pillowcases will last a little better, cotton pillowcases are by far the best option. If a large number of pillowcases can be kept in rotation, they are also going to wear much less quickly.

One of the real advantages of purchasing bulk pillowcases is the fact that they are all uniform. They can be washed in large loads, they are generally interchangeable, and they are an excellent way to unify the appearance of the rooms where they are going to be installed.

Consider the type of pillowcases that are necessary to make an organization run smoothly, and remember to purchase the right number. This can save on a lot of trouble later on, when the facility is in full swing. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, January 12, 2015

Order Wholesale Bed Linens
The hospitality industry must save money on bed linens necessary for guest’s rooms by ordering products from an online retailer. In addition to needing bedding such as comforters and sheets at low prices, hotels or bed-and-breakfasts require bulk bed skirts. Also known as valances, these attractive pieces of fabric are made to hide box springs and bed frames. Placed between the mattress and box spring on a bed, this bedding also helps to prevent cold drafts of air from reaching the underside of the bed.

Provides Attractive Decor
While this bedding is vital in cold environments throughout the winter, it also provides a gorgeous décor when made to complement sheets and bedspreads in a bed-and-breakfast or hotel guest’s room. The valances are stitched to a large section of fabric that fits securely under the mattress to prevent dust from floating under a bed where it is difficult to vacuum and mop a floor. This has led many people to refer to these protective valances as dust ruffles instead.

Order Neutral Colors
The managers of lodging businesses prefer buying neutral colors of dust ruffles to coordinate the items with other bedding easily. Colors such as white, chocolate or camel are extremely versatile, making it easy to change other bedding in a guest’s room for a new look. A valance with only a few pleats provides an attractive appearance on a bed while making it simple to remove debris from the fabric. Because modern mattresses are thicker, the bulk bed skirts have a longer length to reach completely to the floor.

Receive Free Product Shipping
Machine washable and dryable bedding is essential in a guest’s room to maintain proper cleanliness standards. Soft but durable microfiber fabrics are the best materials for dust ruffles to allow fast laundering to remove stains. Valances are made in a variety of sizes with queen-size being one of the most popular. Ordering dust ruffles in quantities of six per box at wholesale prices with free shipping throughout the continental United States makes shopping for this bedding fast and easy. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, January 8, 2015

An attractive, comfortable bathroom makes a home even more enjoyable for family members and guests alike. One of the most important decorative and functional features is the shower curtain. Properly selected and coordinated, it can complete the bathroom's style and give it an inviting appearance. While shopping for one, it might be a good idea to look for bulk shower curtains while you are at it.

Save money.
Buying in bulk is a more cost effective way to purchase items you will likely need in the future. While shower curtains do last a long time, they may wear out with extended use. Or sometimes the homeowner wants to change the bathroom's décor and switch to a new curtain style. The shopper who buys several at the same time, whether the same design or different ones, especially during a sale, will be prepared for the future.

Enjoy versatility.
Shower curtain patterns can be coordinated to extend the décor theme through each bathroom in the house. They may be a similar shade of blue, for example, or depict various beach scenes. Sometimes they are completely different. Some homeowners like to change their home décor with the seasons or for holidays, so putting up different shower curtains can change the look of the bathroom.

Give them as gifts.
Buying shower curtains in bulk, perhaps in neutral or popular colors, is a great strategy for stocking up on gift items. Wedding shower gifts, housewarming gifts, and even holiday gifts may be the perfect occasion to share top quality, beautifully designed bathroom accents like these.

The next time you go shopping for bathroom decorating items, consider buying in bulk. Lower cost, less shopping time for the future, and greater convenience for decorating or gift giving are good reasons to get a few more while you're at it.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cotton is no longer king when it comes to sheets. More massage therapists than ever before are choosing to switch over to microfiber massage sheets. These technological wonders have a lot of advantages over traditional cotton massage sheets. Keep reading to discover all the benefits that sheets made from microfiber have to offer massage therapists.

Comfort that Cannot Be Found in Nature
One of the reasons that so many massage therapists are choosing to use microfiber massage sheets is because they offer the most comfort of any fabric. Fabrics that are made from natural materials simply cannot compete with the comfort of microfiber fabrics. The tiny diameter of microfiber means that sheets made from it are incredibly smooth and comfortable.

When massage therapists decide to use microfiber sheets, there clients will love the comfort they provide. One of the keys to giving a great massage is to relax customers from the instant they lie down upon the massage table. When customers lie down on microfiber sheets, they will feel incredible softness. This will instantly transport them into a world of relaxation, getting them in the perfect mental space to enjoy the benefits of the massage.

Lightweight and Affordable
Another reason that so many massage therapists are switching over to microfiber sheets is because they are so lightweight. Saving weight is crucial for massage therapists who travel to their customers, and every ounce of weight they can save is helpful. Microfiber sheets are also much more affordable than cotton or silk sheets of similar quality.

In addition, massage therapists will love how easy it is to clean microfiber sheets. As they well know, the massage process can get pretty messy at times. The clients will sweat all over the sheets, and massage oils will get on them as well. After this happens, it will be a breeze to clean microfiber sheets.

There is a lot to love about microfiber sheets. They are the best option for massage therapists who are looking for the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and value. Massage therapists who switch over to microfiber sheets will be happy they did.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, January 2, 2015

White bath towels are a classic when it comes to wrapping yourself in luxury after a bath or shower. Egyptian cotton is considered the best type of fabric for white towels. Stock up for the New Year by purchasing wholesale white towels online. January is the best time of the year to get good deals on bath towels.

How To Wash
A good set of white bath towels are expensive. Protect your investment by caring for your new white towels. The best part about white towels is the fact that you can wash them in hot water and bleach. This is a great way to keep your white towels white. If you choose high-quality towels, then they will be able to stand up to repeated washings without fading. Inspect your towels when they come out of the dryer for loose threads. Clip loose threads with a sharp pair of scissors. Don't wash your towels with other laundry items. Wash your new towels without using them first. Read the care label to ensure you can add bleach to the wash. Some towel fibers should be washed in non-chlorine bleach.

Choose The Right Fiber
There are a variety of things to consider when buying new towels. Fabric, construction, weight and care instructions are important. The type of cotton fiber will affect the durability of your new towels. Construction is also an important factor for long-lasting towels. Cotton fiber choices include combed, twist, two-ply and ringspun cotton. Combed cotton is a popular choice for lush, cotton towels. Two-ply cotton is extremely absorbent and feels soft next to the skin.

Bath Towel Sizes
A standard bath towel measures approximately 27 inches by 52 inches. An oversized towel is called a bath sheet. These are a popular size for the beach or swimming pool. A small towel that is used in the kitchen is called a hand towel. If you care for your new towels, then they will last for many years. Add one cup of vinegar occasionally to the wash to improve absorbency and remove residue. Vinegar will also remove the musty smell that is sometimes found in wet towels.

by: Palmetto Linen