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Monday, January 12, 2015

Order Wholesale Bed Linens
The hospitality industry must save money on bed linens necessary for guest’s rooms by ordering products from an online retailer. In addition to needing bedding such as comforters and sheets at low prices, hotels or bed-and-breakfasts require bulk bed skirts. Also known as valances, these attractive pieces of fabric are made to hide box springs and bed frames. Placed between the mattress and box spring on a bed, this bedding also helps to prevent cold drafts of air from reaching the underside of the bed.

Provides Attractive Decor
While this bedding is vital in cold environments throughout the winter, it also provides a gorgeous décor when made to complement sheets and bedspreads in a bed-and-breakfast or hotel guest’s room. The valances are stitched to a large section of fabric that fits securely under the mattress to prevent dust from floating under a bed where it is difficult to vacuum and mop a floor. This has led many people to refer to these protective valances as dust ruffles instead.

Order Neutral Colors
The managers of lodging businesses prefer buying neutral colors of dust ruffles to coordinate the items with other bedding easily. Colors such as white, chocolate or camel are extremely versatile, making it easy to change other bedding in a guest’s room for a new look. A valance with only a few pleats provides an attractive appearance on a bed while making it simple to remove debris from the fabric. Because modern mattresses are thicker, the bulk bed skirts have a longer length to reach completely to the floor.

Receive Free Product Shipping
Machine washable and dryable bedding is essential in a guest’s room to maintain proper cleanliness standards. Soft but durable microfiber fabrics are the best materials for dust ruffles to allow fast laundering to remove stains. Valances are made in a variety of sizes with queen-size being one of the most popular. Ordering dust ruffles in quantities of six per box at wholesale prices with free shipping throughout the continental United States makes shopping for this bedding fast and easy. 

by: Palmetto Linen