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Thursday, January 8, 2015

An attractive, comfortable bathroom makes a home even more enjoyable for family members and guests alike. One of the most important decorative and functional features is the shower curtain. Properly selected and coordinated, it can complete the bathroom's style and give it an inviting appearance. While shopping for one, it might be a good idea to look for bulk shower curtains while you are at it.

Save money.
Buying in bulk is a more cost effective way to purchase items you will likely need in the future. While shower curtains do last a long time, they may wear out with extended use. Or sometimes the homeowner wants to change the bathroom's décor and switch to a new curtain style. The shopper who buys several at the same time, whether the same design or different ones, especially during a sale, will be prepared for the future.

Enjoy versatility.
Shower curtain patterns can be coordinated to extend the décor theme through each bathroom in the house. They may be a similar shade of blue, for example, or depict various beach scenes. Sometimes they are completely different. Some homeowners like to change their home décor with the seasons or for holidays, so putting up different shower curtains can change the look of the bathroom.

Give them as gifts.
Buying shower curtains in bulk, perhaps in neutral or popular colors, is a great strategy for stocking up on gift items. Wedding shower gifts, housewarming gifts, and even holiday gifts may be the perfect occasion to share top quality, beautifully designed bathroom accents like these.

The next time you go shopping for bathroom decorating items, consider buying in bulk. Lower cost, less shopping time for the future, and greater convenience for decorating or gift giving are good reasons to get a few more while you're at it.

by: Palmetto Linen